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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Where-To-Go Wednesday - The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Exhibit at the New Jersey Police Museum

What: Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Exhibit

Where: New Jersey State Police Museum
              River Road
              Route (175)
              Between Interstate 95 and West Upper Ferry Road
              West Trenton, NJ

Who: Teens and Up


Me & Mom - At the New Jersey State Police Museum, there is a whole exhibit on the Lindbergh kidnapping case. The kidnapping took place nearby in Hopewell, NJ. Recently, the new Travel Channel television series, Mission Declassified, had an episode that focused on the case, and during the episode they visited the New Jersey State Police Museum. The exhibit  at the museum includes many of the actual items related to the case. There are ransom notes. There is the ladder used to carry the baby out of the house.  When you see the ladder, it is hard to believe a man could walk down that ladder carrying a baby. There is the outfit the baby was wearing when he was kidnapped. There is some of the ransom money. There is also a whole lot more including a very large box which was used to hold evidence from the case and the electric chair where Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the man convicted of the crime, was put to death. There was also a videoscreen where you could watch new clips from the time of the trial.  If you are interested in learning more about the Lindbergh case, the New Jersey State Police Museum is a great place to go.


For more about the New Jersey State Police Museum, see our previous post Where-To-Go Wednesday - New Jersey State Police Museum or visit www.njsp.org/about/museum.shtml.

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  1. The whole story has always been so scary to contemplate!

    1. I totally agree! Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and your comment.