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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Monthly Mashup for May, 2018 Jackets The Jonathan Larson Project

Me - My topic for this month is jackets. When I was a little kid, I used to name my jackets. I don't remember any of the names except that I had a pink jacket named Rachel. I mainly wear sweatshirts now. I have to have jackets with pockets. I put my glasses in my pocket when I am in school. When I am not in school, I put my phone in my pocket. I have three sweatshirts that I mostly wear:  a black one, a gray one that says Broadway, and one that's black and blue and has a heart on it. I don't wear that last one that much because even though it's really pretty and I like it, it doesn't have a pocket. I also have one jacket that's heavier for the winter time, and sometimes I wear my sister's winter jacket instead. The sleeves on my jacket bother me, but it has a hood. My sister's winter jacket doesn't have a hood. I hate wearing a winter jacket. I only where one when I have to. I mostly wear one when I go to New York City because it is usually colder there, and we do a lot of walking around outside when we are there. I love jean jackets. I used to have one when I was little but then I grew out of it. Then, I had one that I inheirted from my sister, but  I grew out of that one too so now I don't have one. My mother has a ton of jean jackets, and sometimes she lets me borrow them. The other day,  I got a new jacket at Primark at the mall. It's red and it's sort of  like leather but it's not really leather. I like it because it reminds me of the jacket that Emma Swan always wears in the TV series, Once Upon A Time. All in all, jackets are a very important commodity.

Mom - My topic for this month is the Jonathan Larson Project. Jonathan Larson is best known for creating the musical Rent. His life was tragically cut short by an aortic dissection before Rent even officially opened. However, Rent was not the only music Jonathan Larson ever wrote. Jennifer Tepper, the Creative and Programming Director of Feinstein's/54 Below, was given unprecidented access to Larson's work by his family, and she put together an evening of unheard Jonathan Larson songs which were performed in The Jonathan Larson Project, a series of concerts which were held last fall at Feinstein's/ 54 Below. Performers at the concerts included George Salazar and Lauren Marcus, both of whom are currently starring in Be More Chill on Broadway;  Krysta Rodriguez who has appeared in First Date, and Spring Awakening on Broadway among other things as well as the TV show Smash, Andy Mientus who also appeared in Spring Awakening and Smash among other things, and Nick Blaemire who has appeared in such shows as Godspell, and Cry Baby as well as writing the music for Glory Days. There were also guest stars for each performance. The music from these concerts started with a rousing rendition of  Greene Street by the cast and ended with a heartbreaking recorded version of the same song by Jonathan Larson, himself. In between there was a bevy of  other previously undiscovered Larson gems. While on the one hand, these concerts served as a reminder of what a great talent the world lost with Larson's early death,  on the other hand, they actually brought more of Larson's work to the world since a recording of the concert was made and is currently available for streaming and download. The Jonathan Larson Project will also be available on CD next month on June 14.

For more about the Jonathan Larson project, visit www.ghostlightrecords.com/the-jonathan-larson-project.html.

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  1. It's great that people have been able to discover more of his work!

    1. Yes it is! Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.