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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Theater Thursday - Mean Girls

What: Mean Girls

Where: August Wilson Theatre
            245 W. 52nd St.
            New York, NY

Who: Recommended for Ages 10 and Up

Me - Mean Girls was a really good show. Even though I never saw the movie, I really enjoyed the show. I love the music. I knew a lot of the songs before, but I didn't know all of them. I liked the ones that I already knew best.  I like the other songs too just not as much. There is not a bad song in the show. Some of my favorite songs are Revenge Party, I'd Rather Be Me, and Apex Predator.   The story is exaggerated but entertaining. There are a lot of funny parts. The ending of the show is inspiring. The characters are very interesting, they have a lot of layers to them. The acting is good. The dancing is  good too. I really wanted to see the show for a long time. It had been the top show I wanted to see for like a year and a half. I was really excited that I finally got to see it, and I was not disappointed. It was really an excellent show!

Mom - Mean Girls is a rare movie to musical transfer which actually improves on the beloved movie it is based on. Tina Fey did a terrific job of adapting her screenplay and updating it for the modern age to include such things as the current prevailing over reliance on social media that didn't exist back when the movie was made. The acting is excellent. Taylor Louderman is a fierce Regina George. Ashley Park* and Kate Rockwell are  delightful in their roles as her respective sidekicks, Gretchen and Karen. Grey Henson and Barrett Wilbert Weed are absolute scene stealers as Damian and Janis, and they light up the stage every time they appear. Erika Henningsen was out the night we attended but Tee Boyich* who filled in as the naive Cady was charming. The show is full of fun songs and lively energetic dances although at times the constant movement may seems a bit frenetic. However, all in all, it's very entertaining musical that both fans of the movie and those who have never seen the movie should enjoy.

For more about Mean Girls or to purchase tickets, visit meangirlsonbroadway.com

And that's our view. Tune in Saturday for Still More Theater Saturday.

Photo credits: All Mean Girls production photos by Joan Marcus.

*Since this post was written Ashley Park and Tee Boyich have left the show.


  1. Well, I hope this captures Lindsey Lohan's exquisite work in the meanness field! Sounds fun!

    1. It really is a fun show! Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.