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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Roller Skating

What: South Amboy Arena Rollermagic
           (To look for a rink near you visit https://www.rollerskating.com/pages/home/1)
Where:   270 N. Stevens Ave.
               South Amboy, NJ

Who: All ages

Me- I recently went roller skating. My Mom told me, I had been once when I was younger, but I don't remember. It was fun, but the rink was really hot. At first, it was terrifying and difficult. I kept thinking I was going to fall down. However, I only fell down once. As the day went on, it got better. I was going faster. I was holding onto the wall less. However, when I fell again I had to readjust and get used to it all over again. Over all, I really enjoyed rollerskating, and I would love to go again, but next time I would make sure I was more appropriately dressed.

Mom - A fun retro thing to do is go rollerskating not rollerblading but actually rollerskating with the old fashioned skates with four wheels. We recently went, and it was a lot of fun. For me, it brings back memories of my childhood when I learned how to skate because everybody was always having rollerskating birthday parties. For a while, we even had a rollerskating rink right in our town. It was the place to go, and then suddenly it wasn't, and it closed. There are not many rollerskating rinks left in our area that I know of. Most of the rinks we used to go to have been closed for years. However, we are still lucky enough to have at least one left at least for now. I hope it stays around. I would love to go back. To look for a roller skating rink near you, visit the International Roller Skating Association's web-site at https://www.rollerskating.com/pages/home/1 where you can look up all the rollerskating rinks in every state.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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