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Monday, August 20, 2018

More Theater Monday - Nerurosis and R.R.R.ED. A Secret Musical

We were given free tickets to Neurosis for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Neurosis

Where: DR2 Theatre
            103 E. 15th St.
            New York, NY

Who: Recommdend for Ages 13 and Up

When: Through October 20, 2018

Me - Neurosis was a show about  a guy and a girl. Their stresses and anxieties were characters in the show too. His was Neurosis. Hers was Neurosolina. The guy and the girl met, they dated, but then started to have problems because of their neuroses. The show was basically about whether they could get past that and have a good relationship and stay together. The concept was interesting. I had never seen a show like that before. It was fascinating to get a glimpse into what was going on in the characters minds. Most of the characters in the show were likable, and the show had a lot of funny parts. The songs were enjoyable. All in all, it was a delightful musical.

Mom - Neurosis is a cute show about the little nagging voices inside our heads. Frank and Abby are the young couple  at the center of the story looking for love despite those annoying voices. In this show, those voices are personfied by different actors than the ones playing Frank and Abby. His annoying little voice is called Neurosis, and her is called Neurosoalina.  The characters in the show are mostly amusing, and the story is fairly entertaining. The songs are pretty good.  Although they didn't exactly stick in my head after I left the theater, I wouldn't mind listening to a few of them again particularly a song called Boyfriend-Girlfriend.  If you enjoy cute entertaining romantic stories, you will probably enjoy this show.
We were given free tickets to R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical

Where: DR2 Theatre
            103 E.15th St.
            New York,NY

Who: Recommended for Ages 13 and Up

When: Through October 21, 2018

Me - R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical was a very unusual show. It was about redheads starting a secret group and having meetings to plan action to take to prevent redheads from being wiped out in 2100. The audience was all kind of part of the show. We were all part of the secret meeting of redheads. Even though we weren't all really redheads, the premise was that were wearing wigs to hide our redheadedness. Prior to the start of the show, we were even given code names. Mine was Audrey. The show didn't really have a linear plot. I didn't really like that about it. The songs were okay. I don't really remember any of them though. They weren't really catchy. The acting was good. It was interesting and fun that there was a special guest appearance in the middle of the show. I don't know if the same actor appears in every show, but I don't want to say too much about that and ruin the surprise in case you see the show. Although I personally usually prefer more traditional shows,  people who looking for a show that is something completely different than the ordinary may enjoy this show.

Mom - R.R.R.E.D. A SecretMusical is a musical that is very different from any other musical that has come before. It doesn't really have a linear plot. The story is about preventing the eventual extinction of redheads which according to the show's plot will take place in 2100. The whole show takes place during a meeting of a secret society of redheads making plans to prevent that extinction. The show is somewhat interactive as characters directly address the audience and each member of the audience is given a code name prior to the start of the show as though they are members of the society. The songs are okay, but they are not especially memorable, and they are not even listed in the playbill so there is no way to refresh your memory about them even if you want to.  The story is interesting and has its funny moments but it can be a bit repetitive at times. The show does have some surprising plot twists including one which is the highlight of the show.  If you prefer a more traditional show with a story that has a definite beginning, middle, and end, you may prefer another show, however if you are open to seeing a show that is completely unique, you may enjoy this one.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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