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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday- Penn Museum and 40 Winks With the Sphinx

We were given a free tickets to the Penn Museum for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Penn Museum

Where: 3260 South Street

Who: 6 and up

Me - The Penn Museum was an interesting experience. It is an archaeology and anthropology museum. I never been to a museum of that type before. The Penn Museum is part of the University of Pennsylvania. There were a lot of really cool things there.  There were masks  from different cultures. There was also some clothing from a long time ago. It was very old fashioned but some of it was nice. There were a couple of handbags too. All around the museum there were different bits of jewelry.  That was one of of my favorite parts of the museum. The jewelry was so pretty.  I wouldn't mind owning some jewelry that looked like that. There were also a  lot of statues. Some of them didn't have heads. There was even a statue that was part of giant hand. That statute was a broken piece of what must have been a much larger statute. That must have been a really big statue! Another statue looked like a monkey. There was a whole room full of  mummies. The mummies were fascinating. When I was little I would have been afraid of them. There was a model of a house,but I am not sure what is was a symbol of. There was one thing that looked sort of like a bird house. I don't know what it really was though. In one room there was a Sphinx. There were a bunch of different looking coins. There was a piece of really old looking clothing. It looked so uncomfortable. There were some stones with hieroglyphics on them. There were some interactive parts of the museum too. There was a place where you could find out the exact translation of some Latin phrases. There was another place where you could learn about where different objects were found. Over all, it was a very fun museum, and I would extremely recommend going. 

Mom- If you are interested in the history of humans, then you will really enjoy the Penn Museum. The Penn Museum is the largest museum in the United States that is part of a college. Its focuses on archaeology and anthropology.  Its collection contains close to 1,000,000 objects. They include a wide variety of artifacts, such as, statues, pottery, tools, clothing, jewelry and much more. The museum provides a way for kids and adults as well to learn about the history of humankind in an entertaining way. For many people the highlight of the collection is the mummies. The museum houses quite a large collection of mummies. Children will probably find the mummies especially fascinating. I would not recommend them for children who are easily frightened, however. Some of them can be kind of scary looking up close. Another highlight of the museum is the Sphinx. It is the largest in the Western Hemisphere.  Children will enjoy the way it looks like a combination of a person and an animal. There are also some fun interactive exhibits throughout the museum where children can touch objects learn about Latin phrases, and/or see on a map where different objects were found among other things. While the Penn Museum may not be the best museum for very young children, school age children and above as well as adults would probably enjoy a visit. 

For more information about the Penn Museum go to https://www.penn.museum/
We were given the opportunity to participate in 40 Winks with the Sphinx for free for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: 40 Winks With the Sphinx

Where: Penn Museum
            3260 South Street

Who: Children 6 to 12 and their parents or guardians

Me - 40 Winks With the Sphinx is a sleepover at the Penn Museum. It was really entertaining! We got to make Turkish tiles. We really didn't make them. We just decorated them. We learned about hieroglyphics and how to write our names in hieroglyphics. We saw some skulls and one of them was deformed. The forehead was really long. They liked to make their skulls grown like that purposely then because they thought it was a sign of being important. There was a flashlight tour. We walked around and looked at the museum on a guided tour but instead of having the lights on we used flashlights. It was fun. My favorite part of the flashlight tour was when they talked about this crystal ball. We got to sleep in the room with the Sphinx. That is why the sleepover is called 40 Winks With the Sphinx. We all got to participate in a game show although nobody from our family actual got to go on stage. None of us wanted to. Our team was red and blue. Our team lost so we didn't get a prize. We never found out what the winning team got. Breakfast was really good. They had bagels, eggs, French toast and donuts. They also had lots of choices for drinks. Most of it was tasty, but the donuts were just okay. Overall, it was fun a sleepover, and I would really recommend going.

Mom - 40 Winks with the Sphinx is the sleepover program of the Penn Museum. It is not just a name either. You actually get to sleep in the room with the Sphinx. The floor is very hard, however and cots are not provided so you if you have a yoga mat or something soft to place under your sleeping bag you may want to bring it. Air mattresses are not allowed, however. At the beginning of your night at the museum, there is an orientation followed by a fun game where the room is divided into teams and people from each team are chosen to come up on stage and answers questions. The first part  of the game involves guessing what an object is and where it is from. The second  part involves guessing the location of an object in a photograph. After each question a new set of people is chosen to go up and answer the question so as many people as possible have a chance to participate. The winning team is actually awarded some kind or prize but since we didn't win, we don't know what the prize is. After that, you can choose from variety of organized activities including designing a Turkish tile, learning to read and write hieroglyphics, participating in a yoga session, or getting up close to a mummy and learning more about it and maybe even touching it, if you a dare. You are able to participate in as many of these activities as you want and have time for or you can explore the museum on your own during this time as all the exhibits are open. You can also explore the museum the next day if you prefer. Adults attending 40 Winks With the Sphinx are provided with a guidebook and a map to help you find your way around the museum. Children are provided with a an interactive adventure booklet which includes a museum scavenger hunt which you can participate in if you want to and have time. It also contains a crossword puzzle and a museum map. Make sure to bring a flashlight for the fun night time flashlight expedition through the museum. During the expedition, you get to stop and learn more about different objects in the museum collection. The sleepover staff is made up of graduate students in the University of Pennsylvania's archaeology and anthropology department and they are very knowledgeable and friendly and happy to answer your questions. They definitely help make a sleepover at the Penn Museum a fun and entertaining evening for everyone.

For more information about participating in an upcoming 40 Winks With the Sphinx sleepover  at the Penn Museum go to https://www.penn.museum/programs/kids-and-family/40-winks-with-the-sphinx-sleepover.

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