Friday, May 19, 2017

Funtivity Friday - Game Time : Catergories

Scattegories is a game where you have to think of things beginning with a certain letter that fit a certain category. We made up a similar game that is easy to play at home or away or anywhere you have paper and writing utensils.

What You Will Need

Writing utensils

What to Do

1) Pick a category.

2) Pick a time limit and set a timer.

3) Everybody writes down everything they can think of that fits that category until the timer goes off.

4) Compare lists. Everybody gets one point for everything on their list that is not on anybody else's list.

Notes on the game

1) Unlike in Scattegories you do not have to think of thinks that begin with a particular letter.

2) Also unlike in Scattegories each round only involves one category, you are not thinking of things for multiple categories at the same time.

3) You can make the categories as broad or as narrow as you want just books or  a particular kind of books like classic books, for example, or just TV or a particular kind of TV show like sitcoms, for another example.


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