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Friday, May 26, 2017

Funtivity Friday - Art Projects: Hanger People

Here is a fun art project we made up for making hanger people.

What you will need to make a bride hanger person

A small hanger
A small bathroom cup
A dryer sheet
Toliet paper
4 crayons



1) Draw a face on a paper cup.

2) Attach dryer sheet to head to make a veil.

3) Attach cup to top of a small hanger.

4) Attach toliet paper around hanger to cover it,

5) Attach more toliet paper going down to make a dress.

6) Attach crayons for arms and legs.

What you you will need to make a Mother Goose hanger person

A small hanger
A small bathroom cup
Toilet paper
Tape or Glue (optional)


1) Put a hole in the top of the paper cup.

2) Put cup sideways over top of hanger.

3) Drape toilet paper over the rest of hanger for clothing.

4) If you don't want your Mother Goose hanger person to full apart right away you might want to tape or glue everything in place.

What kind of hanger person would you make?


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

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