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Friday, May 5, 2017

Funtivity Friday - Sampling Show Tunes

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It used to be that they didn't make so many cast recordings of Broadway shows anymore. Now, every Broadway show gets a cast recording even the revivals and the shows that don't even last very long. Many Off Broadway and even Off Off Broadway shows get cast recordings as well. We think it' s great that you can purchase the cast album of so many shows now. However,there are too many to chose from now, and it we would be way to expensive to purchase every cast recording. Just because a show doesn't last very long doesn't mean the songs aren't any good. Just because it does, doesn't mean the songs are great. Also, many shows have some songs that we like and some that we don't. So how do we decide which original cast recordings to purchase? See below.

Sampling Show Tunes

1) We go to Amazon and listen to the sample clips of each song. If you are an Amazon Prime member and the particular recording you want to sample is a prime album you can actually listen to whole songs if you want to.

2) We keep a running list of how many songs we like, how many songs we don't like, and how many we are undecided about it.

3) If the number of songs we like and the number of songs we are undecided about is more than half of the songs on the recording, we buy the whole thing. If not, we just buy the individual songs we like, if any.

Here are some Cast Recordings that we have gotten in the last year or so:

1) Finding Neverland

2) Tuck Everlasting

3) Miss Saigon

4) Bright Star

5) Waitress

6) On Your Feet

7) Finian's Rainbow

Some Broadway Original Cast Recordings that will be come out soon that we will be sampling include:

1) In Transit

2) Anastasia

3) Charlies and the Chocolate Factory

What kind of music do you like, and how do you decide what to buy?


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

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