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Monday, January 2, 2017


Me - Moods, wow! It amazing how many different types of moods there are. Sometimes, I feel really sad depressed or stressed. Sometimes, I feel happy. Sometimes, I feel crazy. Sometimes I feel angry and mad. Sometimes, I'm sad and my feelings are hurt and my face gets all read because people are mean. Sometimes, I am scared. Sometimes, I'm excited. Sometimes, I'm disappointed. Sometimes, I'm confused. I sometimes feel stupid. I sometimes feel smart. I sometimes feel friendly. I sometimes feel unfriendly. I sometimes feel helpful. I sometimes feel helpless. I sometimes feel hopeful. I sometimes feel mad at the world. Lots of times I feel many of these things all in the same day.*

The above is guest post by older sister, Melia.

Mom -People have so many moods. They can be happy, sad, angry,  scared, confused and so many other things. Moods are not constant. We can be happy and sad or excited and upset or any combination of moods all in the same day sometimes even in the same hour or less. Our moods can be affected by other people, but are not controlled by other people. We can't even completely control them ourselves. We can sometimes control how we behave on the outside (but not always), but we cannot control how we feel on the inside. I think that is one of the reasons people have so much problems getting along with one another. One person feels one way about something and another feels differently about it. Sometimes, one person is in one kind of a mood when another person is in completely different kind of mood.That can make it hard to see each other's point of view and reach an agreement about things Women have traditionally been thought to be more moody. However, I don't think that women have a monopoly on moodiness. Anyone, can get into any kind of mood. It is hard to control. In fact, sometimes, I wonder whether we really control our moods at all or they control us.

And that's our view. What kind of mood are you in now?

Photo credits: photo credit: Ochre Jelly Brick-mojis via photopin (license)


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post; thank you for sharing your words (and moods)!
    Something here actually led to a sort of "aha!" moment for me: the graphic of the emojis. I'm a sometime psychotherapist / clinical psych, and so of course moods are a big part of what I do, talk about, read about, work with, etc. (Moods, feelings, emotions, affect-states, and even more, too!) I don't directly work with kids, but I imagine that things are pretty different now that emojis are so commonplace. When I was in school, learning about all these things, the word "emoji" didn't even exist! But now, it seems like every time that I upgrade my phone's software I find even more emojis to use. And using something like emojis in therapy/counseling could be really helpful as a tool, for things like expressing how a person feels.
    Thanks again! :)

  2. We're glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for sharing with us and for visiting our blog.