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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Museum at FIT: Black Fashion Designers

What: Black Fashion Designers

Where: Museum at FIT
            7 Avenue at 27th St.
            New York, NY

Who: Tweens and up

When: Now through May 16, 2017
Me: The Museum at FIT: Black Designers was interesting. There were a lot of pretty dresses. I especially liked this red and white one and this purple and with white polka dots that is kind of like a tye dye. The clothes are all very creative. A lot of them are very colorful. I liked all the colors. They were pretty. I liked clothes with a lot of color in them. There was a dress that looked like overalls. They were a couple of outfits that had two do with activism. There was one shirt that had the names of people who have been killed by the police.There was that looked like a trash bag. It was unique, but I wouldn't wear a dress like that. I don't think anybody can pull that off. It would make anyone look fat. Over all, I like most of the clothes though. They were very nice. I enjoyed the exhibit.

Mom - The current exhibit at the Museum at FIT celebrates Black Fashion Designers. It traces the history of African American fashion design from the 1950's to the present. It includes the work of such designers as Ann Lowe, Stephen Burrows, Willi Smith and Patrick Kelly. The collection includes beautiful colored dresses, lovely wedding dresses and even activist inspired clothing among other things. There is information about some famous black fashion models at the exhibit as well. To enhance your visit, there is an audio tour available that you can access on your smartphone. Although the exhibit is not really for small children, older children and anyone else particularly interested in fashion and/or the history of fashion would love it. If you just want to gaze at the fashions it shouldn't take you that long to go through the entire exhibit because the museum is small. However, if you want to take the time to carefully look at all the fashions and really go through them and read all the information included, it will take you a little longer. As always, the Museum at FIT, is completely free to visit. The Black Fashion Designers exhibit will be open through May 16, 2017. For more information go to http://www.fitnyc.edu/museum/index.php.

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