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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rock of Ages The Musical

Me - Rock of Ages the musical, wow! We recently saw Rock of Ages at the Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ. I loved it. It was a very romantic story. It is about Drew who wants to be a rockstar and Sherrie an aspiring actress. The actors in the show were all very talented. The voices were amazing especially the girl who played Sherrie. Sherrie was my favorite character. Every time, anyone said her name, it got the song Sherry by Frank Valli stuck in my head. That song, of course, was not in the show because it is not from the 80s. However, the song Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry was.  The set was really cool The music was awesome. I liked so may of the songs I couldn't pick a favorite.  If you love 80's music whether you like the story or not, you'll love this show.
Mom- I enjoyed the recent production of Rock of Ages put on by the Exit 82 theater group which we saw at the Strand Theater. The acting, singing and dancing were all good. However, I didn't really like the show itself that much. I am not really sure why. Maybe, it is because I have seen so many shows recently that it had a very high standard to live up to, and I don't feel that it lived up to that standard. I mean don't get me wrong. The show was perfectly enjoyable to see performed in community theater, but I am glad that I did not pay a lot of money to see it when it was on Broadway. It did not always seem to be me to be a musical where the songs fit effortlessly into the plot like a show like Mamma Mia or Beautiful. Some of the songs seemed kind of forced. It felt much more like they had the songs and built the plot around them rather than the other way around which works much better. Also, while I listened to a lot of music in the 80s' and liked a lot of the songs. I wouldn't say the songs they used in the show were my favorites other than maybe one or two. I do love the song Don't Stop Believin'. However, that is mostly because of the TV show, Glee and now it just makes me thing of Lea Michele and the late, Corey Montheith and makes me sad. Anyway, despite all this I still managed to enjoy Rock of Ages, I just wouldn't say it was my favorite show ever not even close.

And that's our view. If you could choose any decades song as the basis for a musical which decade would you choose?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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