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Friday, August 21, 2015

Funtivity Friday -Fun Games That Can Be Played Anywhere

Here are some fun games that can be played anywhere.

 1- The Story game - There are two ways to play this game either one person starts a story by saying two words. The next person adds two words to the story and so on until you are done. Alternatively each person can add a few words instead of just two.

2- Good news/Bad News - The first person say something that is good. The second person says something related that is bad.  For instance, the first person might say "It's sunny today." Then, the second person might says "It's going to rain tomorrow." You take turns telling the good news and the bad news.

3 - A my name is  -  You take turns picking a women's name, a man's name, a place and a thing  that starts with each letter of the alphabet. For instance the first person has the letter A and might say. "A my name is Alice and my husband's name is Andy. We come from Alabama and we like apples. If a man or boy is going they can say the male name first. A good way to make this game more challenging is to make the thing sold have to be a food or an animal or another specific category.

4- Splat - Each person picks something and each time they see that thing they say "Splat."

5 - Song charades - You act out song in charades and when the song is guessed right everyone sings it.

6- The Alliterative game - You can take turns make up sentences for each letter of the alphabet that use as much alliteration as possible.

7- The First Letter game - You choose a subject for instance, movies or books whatever and each person takes a turn naming something in that category that starts with A. Then, each person takes a turn naming something in that category starts with B etc. There may be some letters in some categories that there are not enough things that fit the category for everyone to think of one. Also, children that are old enough to know a lot of things in the category but not sure how everything is spelled can play this game with help.

8- The Alphabet game - There are several ways to play the alphabet game. You can look for things that began with a certain letter. You can look for something that begins with A, then something that begins with B and so on. You can look for the letter A in a sign or on a license plate or something and then look for the letter B and so on.

9- The License Plate game - You can play the license plate game a couple of different ways too. You can look for as many license plates from different places as you find. This usually works better if you keep a running list and use it each time you go out or are going to be travelling a lot or traveling far. Otherwise, if you are only traveling locally or not very much you may not have the opportunity to see so many different license plates. Another license plate game  involves making up a phrases for the letters you find on each license plate.

10- I Spy - Somebody gives clues about something they see, the other people guess what is is. An alternative way to play is somebody thinks of something, the other people have to guess what is is.


And that's our view. What fun games do you know that can be played anywhere?

Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

photo credit: Friends laughing via photopin (license)

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