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Friday, August 28, 2015

Funtivity Friday - Art Projects - Elephant Picture

Here are the directions for making the elephant picture in our previous Funtivity Friday - Art Projects post:  Creative Shapes.
For this project you will need: At least one piece of white paper
                                                  One piece of colored paper
                                                  Two googly eyes
                                                  Crayons and or markers

1) On the white paper draw the following:  A big round circle for a head
                                                                       A big rectangle for a body
                                                                       A small rectangle for a trunk
                                                                       Two medium sized rectangles for arms
                                                                       Two slightly larger medium sized rectangles for legs
                                                                        Four circles for hands
                                                                        Two large triangles for ears

2) After you've drawn all the parts, cut them out.

3) Glue the parts in the appropiate places on the colored paper. See above if you need help.

4)  Color in the drawing.

5) Glue the googly eyes on. If you don't have google eyes, you can either draw on eyes or cut out small circles for eyes.

6) If you want you can add things to your pictures like a circle for the sun.


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