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Monday, June 22, 2015

Good Things About Summer

Me - Good things about summer, wow!  Summer is a wonderful time. In summer:
I get to eat lots of ice cream and popsicles.
I get to sleep late.
I have less worries.
I get to go swimming.
I get to hang out outside.
I don't have to deal with people as much.
I get to relax.
Ice cream trucks come around. It can be annoying when they come around like 7 in the morning but later in the day it's good when they came around.
I get to do whatever I want.
I have more free time.
I have less responsibility.
I get to spend more time with family which is good half of the time.
I can drink more lemonade and smoothies and things without getting cold.
There are more ways to make money even if you're just a kid.
The amusement parks and water parks open again.
I can get a tan.
The best thing about summer is that there is no school.
Mom - What I like about summer:
The weather is warmer.
It doesn't snow.
If you don't work, you can get up later.
You don't have to make sure your kids go to school or do their homework.
There is more time for going fun places.
The days are not as scheduled.
The pools are open.
You can eat and drink cold things without getting too cold.
You don't have to wear a coat or socks or sometimes even shoes.
The kids can play outside more.
It is easier to get out of bed in the morning because the house is warmer.
You can things done that you never have time for during the school year.
There is so much to love about summer.
And that's our view. What do you like about summer?

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