Friday, June 12, 2015

Funny Friday - Who's in Charge?

Me -

Daddy to me when I was under 2: "Who's bigger Mommy or Daddy?"

Me: "Mommy."

Daddy: "Who's older Mommy or me?"

Me: "Mommy."

Daddy: "Who's in charge Mommy or Daddy?"

Me: "Mommy."

Daddy: "What about Daddy?"

Me: "No."

Daddy: "Is Daddy in charge too?"

Me: "No, just Mommy."

Daddy: "Daddy's in charge too

Me (bursting into tears): "No, Mommy's in charge.

Daddy: "What's Daddy? Is Daddy a servant?"

I nodded.


A conversation between 1 year old Melia and her Dad:

Daddy: "You're very bossy."

Melia: "I charge (I'm in charge)"

Daddy: "Who's in charge?"

Melia: "Mommy."

Daddy: "Who else?"

Melia: "Just Mommy."

Daddy: "Who's in charge when Mommy's not there?"

Melia: "Jack" (Jack is her step-brother who was about 9 at the time)

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photo credit: Hello My Name Is The Boss via photopin (license)

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