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Monday, June 29, 2015


Me- Beverages, wow! I liked beverages. I like Brisk Ice Tea Lemonade. I like regular lemonade. I don't like milk. I hate milk. I used to like it when I was little but I don't now. I like chocolate milk. I don't like other flavored milk. I have never tried Vanilla flavored milk but my Mom and Dad like it. I like orange juice. Apple juice is okay, but I don't really drink it that much now that I am older. I like fruit punch. I don't really drink other juices. I mostly used to drink it out of juice boxes in school when I was younger. I hate soda. I love Gatorade and Powerade. I like drinking bottled water and water flavored with Mio, but I don't like sink water or water fountain water.  I like lemonade or pink lemonade. I like hot chocolate in the winter. I don't like coffee. I  don't like the smell of it either. Hot tea is okay, but I don't really drink it that much. I like cold apple cider I have never had hot apple cider. I love smoothies! I like a bunch of different drinks.
Mom- I don't like coffee or tea. I love hot chocolate. I like chocolate milk too. I love vanilla milk that Nestle's  makes. Vanilla milk is not regular milk. It is actually vanilla flavored and tastes delicious! I like regular milk too, nothing goes better with cake or cookies. However, I don't like regular milk as much as flavored milk although I do drink more regular milk than flavored milk. I like orange juice, apple juice, and grape juice. These days I mostly only drink orange juice though, and I like it fresh not from concentrate,  and I like it without pulp. I like fruit punch. I don't like cider. Unfortunately, I do like soda. I prefer regular but I occasionally drink diet. I prefer decaffeinated soda because the caffeinated kind keeps me up at night, but I sometimes drink caffeinated soda. I like Coke and Pepsi, and  I don't prefer one over the other. I  do prefer Coke and Pepsi to Sprite or Sierra Mist although I do like Sprite and Sierra Mist. I usually drink Sprite and Sierra Mist though because it is hard to get decaffeinated Coke or Pepsi in restaurants and stuff. I also like orange soda. I don't like root  beer or ginger ale. I don't like Gatorade or Powerade. I don't like beer or wine or champagne or other alcoholic beverages. I don't like flavored water. I do drink a lot of unflavored water though. I drink a lot more water now than I was a kid. When I was young, I drank a lot of  juice and stuff with meals. Now, at least when I am home, I mostly drink water with my meals. In fact, now when I am home I mostly drink water at anytime.
And that's our view. What is your favorite beverage?

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photo credit 1: City Java smoothies via photopin (license)
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photo credit3 : Diet Coke with Ice via photopin (license)

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