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Thursday, July 17, 2014

National Museum of American Jewish History

 Me - National Museum of American Jewish History, wow! The National Museum of American Jewish History was fun. There are so many interactive exhibits that keep children entertained. Even my little sister really enjoyed it. I liked that they had a lot of stuff about Barbra Streisand including one of her costumes from Yentl.  I like Barbra Streisand. In one of the rooms, they were showing an episode of Seinfeld. I love Seinfeld. Then, it changed to Fiddler On The Roof. They had a baseball game where you can practice pitching and a baseball game where you could practice catching. Those were were part of a special exhibit on baseball. They were two of my favorite things at the museum. They had a room with furniture. We sat on the bed. It was the most uncomfortable bed, I had ever sat on in my life. There were also some old fashioned clothes in that room. They were for little kids to try on. I didn't fit. Aurella tried on a pinafore. They had Purim masks that you could try on. Aurella and I had fun putting them on and pretending we were going to a masquerade ball. There is even booth where you can record your story or sing a song. We recorded our family singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The National Museum of American Jewish History is a really fun place to go.

Mom - The National Museum of American Jewish History is a really fun, interesting and informative museum even if you are not Jewish you will enjoy it. Even though, we were there for a few hours, everyone in our family is in agreement that we could easily have spent much more time there. The Museum is the story of the Jewish immigration to America.  Every floor features immigration from a particular time period except for the top floor which features special exhibits. The current special exhibit is a baseball exhibit which is running through October. My favorite part of the museum is seeing all the artifacts. I love seeing artifacts that belonged to famous people, such as, Albert Einstein's pipe and Steven Spielberg's camera. I also enjoyed seeing artifacts that did not belong to anyone famous, such as an immigrant's trunk, an old Singer sewing machine, and a Statute of Liberty Menorah. I loved seeing snatches of films as we went through various exhibits, and I would have loved to have the time to sit and watch and listen to more of them. There were informative films, such as, one that talked about famous Jews in the entertainment field and their real names, and there were other that were purely fun like part of an episode of Seinfeld. As a big fan of baseball, I especially loved the special baseball exhibit Chasing Dreams. Here there were artifacts and pictures featuring famous and nonfamous people as well. I loved seeing Sandy Koufax's Cy Young Award and Hank Greenberg's MVP award. There were also uniform jerseys of many different players. There was even the uniform of a player in the Women's professional baseball league featured in the film A League of Their Own. I was especially proud that according to our private tour guide, Ilana, I was one of two people to come through the museum to pick out Sandy Koufax from an old picture of him and his camp bunkmates without looking at the names. All in all, the museum was highly entertaining and informative. I would definitely recommend it, and I would definitely go back myself.

And that's our view. What famous artifact would you love to see in a museum?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

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