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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Me - Once, wow! Once is a good show. It was definitely different than I expected. I wasn't very fond of the ending. I liked most of it though. The ending was okay actually. It was just a little sadder than I expected. I liked the girl who was one of the main characters. I liked her accent, but it was kind of funny. I liked her daughter in the show. Her name was Ivanka. She was cute. She didn't do much, but she was cute. She is only in the show for about ten minutes total, and she doesn't say anything or sing. She is cute though. The music in the show was really good though. I don't really have a favorite song though. The woman who plays the mother in the How I met Your Mother was the original star of the show. Her name is  Christina Millioti. The woman I saw in it was good, but I wish I had seen Christina. It really was a good show. I really enjoyed seeing it.

Mom - Once is a great show. It is beautiful love story. It is based on the movie of the same name which I personally have never seen but would like to now. One of the best parts of the show was the preshow jam. It was so fun being able to go up and watch it from the stage and be a part of it. It was worth it to buy two $5.00 waters, one for myself and one for Melia, just for that. I had been up on a Broadway stage once before in my life. My friend was in the show An Inspector Calls. After the show, she took us to see her dressing room. We had to walk across the stage to get to the dressing rooms. Ironically, I didn't realize it at first because the theater name had changed but it turned out this was the same theater. Also, ironically, at that time, Les Miserables was playing across the street so, of course, now Les Miserables is about to open across the street again. I was  a little disappointed that we didn't get to see Christina Millioti in the show. We love her on How I Met Your Mother. However, Joanna Christie, who currently plays the part of the girl, is a wonderful actress as well. All of the cast was great and they are all really warm and friendly people too as we and a few other bloggers had a chance to have a private talkback with them after the show. Melia and I even got  a chance to talk with the youngest member of the cast,  six year old, Madeleine Pace, who alternates in the role of Ivanka. She and her father were warm and lovely people as well, and as long as she continues in show business we will be following her career fondly and remembering our talk with her.  All in all, it was great show and a great experience.

And that's our view. What movie would you like to see made into a Broadway show?

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