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Monday, February 24, 2014

Endless Games

Me - Endless Games, wow! Endless games has fun games with varying topics. Oddly Obvious is one of them. It's fun. You have to guess a word on a card from clues. Encore is a singing game. However, you do not need to be good at singing you just have to know songs. Kornered is a game that seems that it would be the easiest thing but it is not. It requires skill and good thinking strategies. You have to match colors but it is way harder than it sounds. Can You Name Five? is one of my favorite games from endless games. You have to name five of whatever category you have. Can You Name Five is my favorite of the games by Endless games which I have played so far. I like Encore the least because it is hard to think of songs for each word. The hardest of these games is Kornered, The easiest is Oddly Obvious at least for me. Different people might have different opinions of these games. They might think a different one is the most fun or the least fun or the hardest or the easiest or whatever. However, all Endless games I have played so far are fun, and I would want to play more of their games in the future.

Me - Endless Games makes a lot of great games, and we have recently had the privilege to be able to try a few of them. Oddly Obvious is a wacky game of definitions. You are given a card with a bunch of words and phrases. Then, you are given a word and you have to choose the word or phrases that fits the word you were given. It is harder than it sounds though because at the same time you are trying to find  the right word or phrase other people are trying to find it too and beat you to it. Kornered is a great game for puzzle enthusiasts. You are given a card with four different colored corners and a board with different colors. You have to match  your card to the board by making sure every color on your card is touching the same color on the board. It is a lot hard than it sounds.  Encore is a music game. You are given a word or category and you have to think of song that has that word in it or fits that category and sing it. You do not  have to be a good singer. You do not have to know all the words to the song. Nor do you have  to sing the whole song. Of course, there is a little more to the game than that, but that is the gist of it. If your family is like ours and you always have songs running through your heads and you are always bursting out into song, this is the perfect game for you. Can You Name Five ? is a fast thinking game. You are given a category and you have to think of five things that fit the category. It is harder than it seems because you are given a time limit and a lot of times you will come up with one, two, or even three things that fit the category and then suddenly go blank under the pressure of time. One nice thing about all of these games is that they can all be adapted to play in different ways.  For example, you can just take turns finding the right definitions in Oddly Obvious. You can play Kornered as if it really is a puzzle. You can play encore by just picking cards and singing songs. You can play name five by choosing categories and just naming five things without the time limit and/or without playing against each other. These are just a few examples of different ways you can play these games. I'm sure there are probably many others. The important thing that remains the same no matter how you play these games is that they are all hours of fun.

And that's our view. Which Endless Game sounds the most fun to you?

Disclosure: We were given the above mentioned Endless Games for free except Encore. The opinions expressed here are own based on our experiences playing the games.