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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fun in the Snow

Me - Fun in the snow, wow! People sometimes say that I am fun in the snow. This is because I make up fun games to play in the snow. I usually play out there with my little sister, Aurella. I like to build snowman. I like to make up some of my own games. This year me and my sister built a really good snowman. Her name was Phoebe. She was named after Phoebe Buffay from Friends, the best show ever. We were going to build a whole snow family. We were going to build her husband, Pheebo. We were going to build their children; Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, and Chandler. We were even going to build their pet, Smelly Cat. However, there wasn't enough snow, and the snow quickly melt. Phoebe melted quickly too. She was the only successful snowman I was ever able to build. I would try when I was little but either I just couldn't do it, I gave up, or there was too much ice and not enough snow. My Mom said she never built a snowman as nice as Phoebe. My sister once built a snowman with my brother when I was sick. I wouldn't to go out with them, but my Mom wouldn't let me because I had stayed home from school sick. I also like to have snowball fights. The problem with having snowball fights with my sister is every time I hit her she gets upset and quits. I like to make snow angels. The only problem is I don't have any snowpants so the minute I get up my pants are soaked. However, my sister asks me to do them so I do. Then, I don't like to get up. I just like to fall back into the soft pilllowy snow. I love playing in the snow.

Mom - Although now, I don't even like to be in the snow, when I was young, I used to like to play in the snow. I like to build snowmen. I was never really good at it though. I never built a really good snowman. A friend of mine and I once tried to make snow dogs. The were very small. We brought them in the house and we tried to paint them with finger paint. It didn't go to well. We ended up with a mess of melted snow and paint. I also liked to go sledding. We had a really good steep hill on the side of our house where we  lived until I was 11. The only bad part about was that at the bottom of the hill was the street. After we moved, I don't remember going sledding much. Now, my Mom has a really great hill in the back of her house. The only problem about taking the kids sledding there is hauling ourselves over there in the snow and having to take the sled with us too. Personally, I don't like to drive in the snow at all. That is definitely not fun. When I was a kid, I also liked to make snow angels. However, that is something you can only do for so long without getting bored. I never really liked to have snow fights. I don't like being hit with snowballs.  I might have liked to build a snow fort, but I never really did that either. Nowadays, I leave the playing in the snow to my kids while I prefer to stay in the nice warm house.

And that's our view. What do you like to do in the snow?

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