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Monday, February 10, 2014

M&M World

Me - M&M World, wow! Recently, when I went to New York, my Mom and I were walking around waiting to go to a show when we saw the M&M store. I said "Why don't we go in there?" So we did. It was three stories tall. I couldn't believe there was so much M&M stuff. They had stuffed animals, shirts, key chains, magnets, candy and more. It was bigger than the Hershey store that had all Hershey chocolate. They had escalators going up and down, and they had elevators too. It thought it was funny that at one point when we were there they had a special guest on the third floor "Mellow Yellow." Mellow Yellow is one of their M&M characters.  I also thought it was funny the way they had an aisle for each M&M where it said "Red", "Orange", "Yellow", "Green", "Blue", and "Ms. Brown." I don't eat orange M&Ms because I hate orange. I love M&Ms in general, however. I like them even  more now because I can't have Tootsie Rolls and most candy bars are too hard for me because of my braces. One thing I like about M&Ms is they are easy to eat. They fill you up without making you too full. Also, since they are small you can eat a lot of them without getting too full. M&Ms are great, and M&M World is a really cool place, and if you haven't visited it already you should.

Mom - A couple times recently when we were in New York, we went to M&M World. I could not believe that there actually is store with nothing but M&M's and M&M related products. I would think it would be a tiny little store, but it was huge. It was three stores high. They had every kind of M&M imaginable and M&M products that you would never even think of like an M&M alarm clock, an M&M slot machine candy dispenser, and an M&M placemat. They had these rows of shelves on the ground floor with a section for products of each  of the basic colors of M&Ms. On one of the upper floors there were huge bins of M&Ms of every color. Any kind of color or flavor of M&M you could ever want you can find it at M&M World. I can't even believe that there are so many different kinds of M&Ms now. When I was a kid, there was only plain and peanut. The only colors were red, orange, green, and two different colors of  brown. I don't even think they made blue. For a while, they stopped making red too. It was something about the dye, but they started making them again eventually with a different dye. I always thought it was funny they they had the slogan "M&M's melt in your mouth and not in your hands". That is true, but they are still messy because if you keep them in your hands long enough especially on a hot day, the dye will come off all over your figures. I guess most people don't keep them in their hands long enough though because one of the fun things about M&Ms is that you can eat a lot of them quickly. In fact, that is one of the not fun things about them too that they are too quick to eat. That is one reason why I don't like them as much as some other candies. Anyway, M& M World is not really a place that you can spend a lot of time unless you are particularly into M&Ms. However, it is definitely some place fun to see at least once.

And that's our view. What is your favorite color M&M?

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