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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tips for Tuesday - Web-Sites: Monster High.com and Bing Rewards

Me - Today I am recommending Monster High.com. If you like monster high dolls then this is the website for you. You can watch all the webiesodes for free. You can get to know all the characters, take quizzes, play games, and more.

Mom - Today I am recommending Bing Rewards. You can get as many as 15 points a day for searching as well as points for using Facebook and other things. You can get a $3.00 Amazon gift code for as little as 340 points or $5.00 Amazon gift code for 525 points. There are numerous other rewards as well, or you can donate your points to charities, such as, Teach for America and/or Boys and Girls Club of America. For more information or to sign up go http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9778718&rrid=_db23a5af-ad85-ee39-b788-3c910bfb58c6/.

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