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Monday, August 1, 2011

What We Used to Watch

Me - When I was little, I watched Jojo's Circus. It was my favorite show. One day, my Dad put it on because there was nothing else on for me, and I ended up liking it. I used to have plastic Jojo toys and stuffed Jojo toys. The little plastic Jojo got stuck under the fridge, and we didn't find it for two years. I also watched Clifford. I called him Coochie and his owner Emily Ebisleth. I had small stuffed animals and big stuffed animals of all the Clifford dogs.I also watched Calliou and now my sister does. I had a big Caillou doll and tiny dolls of his sister, Rosie and their cat, Gilbert. I watched Barney. My brother liked it when he was 5, he passed on the liking to me and I passed it on to my sister. I watched it in the days when Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were still on it. I had several stuffed Barneys and most of them sang. I also had a stuffed BJ and a stuffed Baby Bop. They both also sang. For Halloween when I was 2, I was Baby Bop, and I called her Bop Bop. I used to like Sesame Street, and I still like it. We used to go to Sesame Live every year. It seems like the shows they do are still the same just the names have changed. My favorite Sesame Live show is about the fabulous five. The five were Elmo, Rosetta, Telly, Zoe, and Rocco. The fabulous five were super heroes. Rocco was actually Zoe's pet rock, but she insisted on including him in the group. They all took turns saving people, but Rocco just went with Zoe. He didn't get his own turn. I also watched Jack's Big Music, and it was also one of my favorites. I also had stuffed animals of many of the Sesame Street characters. The summer before preschool started, the two reasons I couldn't wait for summer to be over was because Jack's Big Music was coming on, and my sister was going to be born.

Mom - When I was a kid, there wasn't nearly as much children's TV as there is now. I used to watch Sesame Street. That was in the days before there was Elmo when Jim Henson was still alive, and Kermit was still on Sesame Street. I love that Sesame Street is still around after all these years, and both my daughters have watched it too. It makes me sad that we are coming to the end of our Sesame Street days as my youngest will be entering kindergarten this fall. When I got a little older, I watched The Electric Company, the original Electric Company not that new version they have now which I don't like at all. We got the DVD The Best of the Electric Company. It is perfect for my younger daughter who is learning to read, but my older daughter enjoys watching it with us too. I forgot how catchy the songs were, and now that we have gotten it I can't get them out of my head. When I was a little older I loved The Partridge Family. The plots weren't all that exciting, but I just loved that they were a family and a working singing group at the same time. I even loved the music, bubblegum pop though it may have been. David Cassidy was my first crush when I was like five years old. I confess I actually still like The Patridge Family. We have the DVDs from every season (there were only 4) and all the CD's (all the records have been re-released on CD.) That is another show my kids have grown to love as well. We even took them to a David Cassidy concert once. They were fairly young at the time, but they had a great time and were dancing in the aisles. When I was a little older I moved on to The Hardy Boys and loved David Cassidy's half brother, Sean Cassidy and his (Sean's) TV brother, Parker Stevenson. The show was on Sunday nights, and I literally used to countdown the minutes until it was on. Years later, I saw Sean and David Cassidy appearing as brothers in the Broadway show "Blood Brothers". It was very nostalgic for me.

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