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Friday, August 19, 2011

Full House

Me - Full House, wow! It is my favorite show in the whole entire world out of every show in the whole entire world. I watch at least two episodes almost every single day. So far I own seasons 1-4, and I definitely will be getting the rest of the seasons eventually. I was first introduced to the show when I was in kindergarten by my Mom. She introduced me to it because she used to watch it and thought that I would like it too. She got me the first season as a gift. Season 2, she once gave me because I behaved well for a whole week. Season 3, I got for a holiday gift. Season 4, I got from my aunt for a birthday present. I am now trying to save up for season 5. I will keep doing that until I have saved up for and purchased all the rest of the seasons. My favorite character is Stephanie. I love Full House so much that I have a Full House necklace and t shirt I made. At my friend's birthday party, they gave us string and beads. I found the letters to the words "Full House" and made a necklace with little beads to separate each letter. Then, they gave out blank white t shirts. I started out by drawing all the regular characters from every season including Nicky, Alex, Vicky, and Comet. As soon as everyone else had finished their t shirt, they looked at mine said "Wow!" grabbed markers and started helping me. The shirt says "Full House" everywhere including on the sleeves and collar. Sometime, I'll have to do the back with the extra characters that I forgot including Kimmy, Teddy, Steve and more. I love Full House more than anything in the world. I figured out a few years ago, I am the biggest Full House fan in the world.

Mom - When Full House was first on, I think I was in college. Later, I was working as a paralegal and all the paralegals in our office always used to talk about what Michelle did on Full House that week. I can't believe that the last original show aired over 15 years ago and all those little girls are grown up and half of them have kids of their own. The Olsen twins amaze me. Not because I think they are so talented or anything, but because they are so lucky. It was just so arbitrary the way they ended up on that show. They brought a bunch of sets of twins in and the Olsen twins stayed happy the longest and that is why they got the part. Their billion dollar (or however much it is) empire was started arbitrarily too. Their producer thought that they acted cute together so he produced a TV movie for them to star in together. I believe it was called "To Grandmother's House We Go". The ratings were through the roof. Thus, an empire which later including books, movies, dolls, and clothing among other things was born. I actually thought the Olsen twins were ugly as babies that first season. From season two on they were adorable. However as adults they have always seemed kind of strange to me and not really pretty. I did enjoy seeing Mary Kate in the movie, Beastly, though.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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