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Monday, August 22, 2011


Me-Shoes, wow! Like many girls, I like shoes. I am already starting to fit in some of my Mom's shoes. I still can't fit in all of them. When I do fit in all of them, I'll have an endless supply of shoes. I sometimes get shoes from my cousin. I have a lot of heels and sneakers. My Aunt has been telling my Grandma about something you can put on your feet so you don't get blisters when you wear shoes without socks. I can't wait to get it because I have a lot of shoes that fit and/or look better without socks. However, right now, they give me blisters when I wear them without socks. I am a big shoe fan.

Mom- I love shoes. I always tell my girls that you can never have too many shoes or earrings. I must have over a 100 pairs of shoes in a wide variety of colors. High heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, boots and more. I wouldn't say I have every kind of shoes there is. I don't like flip flops, for instance, because I don't like to have anything between my toes, and I am sure there are other kinds of shoes I don't like either. My dear husband indulges my love for shoes because I don't buy a lot of clothes for myself. I keep the clothes that I do get for a very long time, and I get a lot of hand-me-downs from my Mom and sister. I guess from my sister it might actually be considered a hand-me-up because she is actually younger than me. I also don't spend a lot of money on my shoes either. I rarely ever buy shoes that cost more than $20.00, and I have bought many pairs that were $10.00 or even less. Also, I don't buy shoes that I never wear. Even with all those shoes I own, I don't really have shoes just taking up space in my closet. I keep careful track of all my shoes and which ones I have worn and wear almost all of them frequently. I do have a few pairs of heels from when I was working before I had kids that I don't wear that often but I can't bear to part with. Ironically, I think I actually look better in higher heels because I have short legs and heels make them look longer. However, flats and sneakers are more comfortable so I usually wear them. In any case, the bottom line is I love shoes.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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