We are a mother and daughter who both love to write. We decided to start this blog so we could spend time together doing something
we both love and share it with you. We specialize in reviewing fun places to go and fun things to do, but we talk a little bit about everything.
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Friday, July 29, 2011


Me - I used to have a wonderful personality and everyone wanted their kids to be like me. I was really well behaved, outgoing, friendly, nice to my sister, had more friends then I could count, and I wasn't afraid to do anything! Now I am shy, not usually well behaved, don't get along with my sister and am embarrassed about everything. I wish I could go back to my old self, because for one thing at camp this summer I couldn't even stick up for myself when I was being bullied. So even at my favorite activity I couldn't enjoy myself. My old self definitely could do that. My point is my old self is way better than who I am now.

Mom - My husband is very outgoing. I am not and have never been. My older daughter used to be outgoing and confident. My younger daughter was quiet and shy. My older daughter could make friends with anyone. My younger daughter wouldn't talk to anyone sometimes even people she knew. At home, however, she was a daredevil, and we always had to make sure we kept on eye on her or we never knew what she would be getting into. My husband and I always said that our older daughter was afraid of everything except people and our younger daughter was afraid of nothing except people. The last few years things have changed. My older daughter's personality has completely changed, and we don't know why. She is not nearly as confident and/or outgoing as she used to be. My younger daughter has come out of a her shell a little bit more as she gets older. However, I don't know how it will be when she starts a new school with all new kids this fall after being in the same school for three years. She goes back and forth between being very excited about it and very unhappy about it. Overall, though she is pretty much the same as she always has been.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.