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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TV Then and Now

Me-When  I  was  young   my  favorite  show   was  Jo-Jo's   circus.I   watched   all   those   little   kid    shows  except  Dora   I  never  especially   liked  that   show  but   to  my  sister  it  means  the   world .My  parents  used  to   joke  that   it  is  Dora's  world  and  we  all  just  live  in  it.Now  all  I   watch   is  disney  channel  Glee,and Full  House.Full  House  is  my  favorite   show  every  time   someone  says   something   it  reminds   me  of   something  that  happened  in  Full  House.I  also  like  to   pretend  that  I  am   the  characters.Every  time  my  mom  tells  me  she  has  news  I  say  is  it  about  Full  House  is  it  about  Glee?Glee  is  a  show  my  mom , dad ,  sister,  and  me  like.  I  hope  that  Finn  and  Rachel  get  back  together  and  him  and  Quinn  have  no  part  of   each  other.I  also  hope  Sam  stays  with   Quinn  and  not  Santana  they   can't   put  a  bad   girl   with  a  good  boy.Onto  disney   I  don't   know   how  it  happened  but  I  got  hooked.The  only   shows  I  do  not  like  on  disney  are  Fish  Hooks,I'm  in  the  band,and  Kick  Buttowski.

Mom- When I was very young we had about 7 different TV channels and not everyone had color TVs. There were no specialized channels like sports channels or movie channels or kids channels or whatever. If you missed a show, maybe you could catch the rerun, but there was no such thing as DVR or even VHS nor could you go on-line to watch an episode of show that you missed. A show would have to run a certain number of episodes before it would go into syndication, and you could see old episodes every day of the week. Late at night, there was actually a time when there was nothing on but old movies and informercials and stuff. When I got a little older our town was about the last one to get cable. There were a lot more channels and a lot more options but not necessarily more good options for what to watch. I mean I am not a snob who says I don't watch anything but educational TV or anything (although I am not too fond of reality shows), but  I am sure I never even watch more than half of the channels we receive in our house. In fact, there are 4 of us in our house, each of us watches about 2 or 3 channels regularly. Even if you assume that there is no overlap in the channels different family members watch (which actually is not the case), that would still only be 12 channels we normally watch out of hundreds available to us. So more choice doesn't necessarily mean more good choices.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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  1. I love "Full House!" I'm just waiting for the DVD set of the whole series to go on sale one of these days.
    I also love "Glee." The Valentine's episode was so cute!