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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Selling

Me-When selling  girl scout cookies you have to be careful. Some people are beyond nice. But, some  people slam the door in  my  face. This year I sold 240 boxes including 101 boxes for the food  bank. I  am  proud to be a Girl Scout.

Mom- I have always hated participating in fundraising efforts because I hate having to ask people to buy things. I usually only ask my Mom and my best friend (the one other than my husband) to contribute. The only fundraiser we really make a serious effort with every year is Girl Scout cookie selling. Every year it gets harder and harder though. Every year when my daughter is finished with cookie selling, I feel happy at what she has accomplished, at what we have helped her to accomplish, but also a sense of relieve that it is all over. The next year when it is time to start selling again, my first thought is 'Oh no! Not again! I just can't go through this again!', but somehow we always do. A lot of the girls in my daughter's troop only sell cookies to their families (although some of them have very large families). My daughter sells to our family including the extended family, but we also go around our whole neighborhood too. It was particularly difficult this year with the freezing cold and ice and snow. A lot of people in our neighborhood don't even shovel their walks. Still, my daughter was able to sell 240 boxes of cookies. Over the past several years, my daughter has been interested in not only selling as many boxes of cookies as she can, but to sell as many boxes to be donated to our local food bank as she can. Last year, she set a goal of selling 100 boxes of cookies for the food bank. She was able to sell 70 boxes but did not quite meet her goal. This year she again set a goal of selling 100 boxes of cookies for the food bank. She was able to meet her goal and actually sold 101 boxes. I think she was more excited about that than she was about selling the 240 total boxes. I am really proud of her for that.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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  1. fundraising can be a challenge sometimes. when i had to sell gs cookies, my grandpa brought them to his car dealership and they went like hotcakes. i used to love when girls sold them in front of wal-mart too. i'd always buy some boxes. a lady at work sells them, so i buy some from her (and i do the donations with you).
    when i was in h.s. and college, i had to sell candy for various things. i'd bring my dog with for door to door sales and that seemed to work, as no one could resist a girl with a cute beagle. :)
    congrats to melia on reaching her goals!