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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Me -When   I   was    born  my  family  already  had  a  cat. She  wanted  me  to  get  the  hell  out  of  her  house.For  two  whole  months  she  would  not  go  near  my  mom. As  I  grew  older  and  started   feeding  her  and  giving   her   attention   she  thought,hey  might  as  well  give  this  person  a  try.A  while  back   I had  a  bird.She  was  named Frances. She  was  selfish.All  she  ever  did   was  eat.In  fact  I  don't  think  she  even  slept.Every  time  I  went  to  feed  her  I  was  afraid  she'd  bite  me. After  two  weeks only  we  got  rid  of   the  bird  because  I  was  afraid  of  her  and  she  was  messy.  I  was  sad  but  moved  on  quickly.  Around  that  same  time  we  got  a  guinea  pig.We  called  her  Daisy  May.Her  cage  was  put  by  the  window. A  few  weeks  after  she  died  from  coldness. After  we  got  a  new  guinea   pig  named  Olivia   she  is  now  three  years  old  and  will  hopefully  live  a  long  happy  life.For  a   while  I  was   going   to   get  a   fish   because   I   couldn't  get  a  cat.But   one   day   my  dad  was  talking    to  someone  who  happened  to  be  giving  away  cats.So  my  dad   got   me  one.He  always  chased  the   first  cat.And  even  though  he  ate   the   same   thing  as  her  he  only   wanted  her  food.I  have  always  wanted  a  chimpanzee.My  sister  and  I  both  want   one. Probably  just   because   she  always  copies  me.I  have  always  wanted  a dog.Everyone   I  know  has  one.I  want   a  dog   more  then  anything   in   the  world.Aurella  (my   sister) and  I   always  pretend   one  of  us  is  a  dog  and  the  other  is  the  owner.

Mom - Over the years, I have had many different kinds of pets.As am  child, we had fish, both tropical fish and goldfish at different times. The fish were boring. We  had turtles, and a dog. We got rid of the turtles when we found you can get diseases from them. The first dog chewed up the furniture. He didn't last too long in our house. The second dog we had for about 6 years. He was more my dog than anyone else in the families. However, the problem with dog is that it is a pain in the neck having to walk them all the time. Dogs always seem to get into things too, and they are more interested in people food than their own. Our dog was always running away too. When I was older, I had a couple of rabbits. My first rabbit was the most amazing animal I have ever known. He was friendly like a dog, but not over the top friendly, but self sufficient like a cat. I mean we still had to feed him and all, but he bathed himself and didn't need attention all the time or eat people food (except the occasional carrots and other vegetables we gave him). My other rabbit was afraid of her own shadow and spend most of her time hiding. As an adult, I have had guinea pigs. Despite, what people say about guinea pigs being gentle and all and good pets for little kids, we have not ever had a guinea pig that you can be sure would never bite anybody (and we have had 6 of them at different times over the years). Also, they have been known to try to eat our clothing and other things,  and they are messy. We have also had a couple of cats. My first cat is going to be 15 in April. I have had her since she was a baby. She is not over over the top friendly, but she loves her family. Unlike a dog though, she wants to be friendly and have attention only when she wants to. We used to have another cat that was over the top friendly, but he was actually a bit overly friendly and wouldn't leave us alone for a minute. Also, he was always attacking our other cat, and when he got mad at us he would dig his claws right into us on purpose, which was one of the more painful experiences I have had in my life. When I was a kid, I always wanted a chimpanzee, but of course, I never had one. After I heard about that chimpanzee that ripped off that lady's face, I think maybe it is good that I never had a chimpanzee. Now, overall, it might seems like I am focusing a lot on the downside of having pets and maybe I am, but I don't mean it that way. I have loved every single one of the pets I have had over the years (except maybe the fish), I wouldn't have traded the experience of having any of them. I can't even remember back to a time in my life when I didn't have any pets, and I can't conceive of a time in the future when I won't have any.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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