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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

Me-    My  favorite shows are Full  House and Wizards  of   Waverley   Place. I  like  Wizards  because  it  is cool and  funny. I  don't  know  about  you, but  I  think  it's  pretty  cool  to  be   able  to  do  spells  to  get  what  you  want  or  date  a  werewolf.    In  an  episode, Alex  made herself  stuck   in  a  movie. In  another episode, Alex and  Justin  turned  Max  into  a  little  girl. It's   cool   because  it's  not  every  day   your  brother  becomes  a  girl. Max and Jerry are the funniest ones on the show. Once,  Max  sat  on  a  horse  backwards  and  exclaimed,"My  horse's  head  is  on  the  wrong  side!"  It  was  funny  because  he  was  backwards  not  the  horse. I  love  that  show. My  other  favorite  show is  Full  House. I  can't  shut  up  about  it.  Every  time  somebody  says  something  it  reminds  me  about  Full  House.                   

Mom - My current favorite show is Glee. In fact, I think it is my favorite show of all time. I have always been a sucker for musicals anyway both on stage and in the movies so a musical TV show is right up my alley. I just love the idea of being able to express every emotion in song. I wish life was like that. Instead of screaming and yelling or crying or whatever you could just burst into song. I think the world would actually be a lot more peaceful than. I also like that they sing so many different types of songs in Glee. Each  generation gets to know some great songs that they might not otherwise be exposed to. I find that there are songs that I always loved that I love even more after I hear them on Glee,  songs that I  didn't really like but I end up liking after I hear them on Glee, and songs that I hadn't heard yet and many times probably wouldn't have bothered listening to if it wasn't for Glee but I ended up loving. Don't get me wrong I do not love every song they ever sing on the show. However, I have to admit that I do end up liking most of the songs. I have always had very eclectic taste in music anyway so Glee is perfect for me because they sing so many different types of songs. For me, Glee is the only show that is absolutely must see TV. Not only do I never want to miss an episode, I actually can't wait for every episode to air. Another show, I really used to like was Medium.  I didn't care so much about the crimes Allison solved each week. I liked it more for the interaction between the various family members. It was very real to me and reminded me of my own family. However, because of that when they killed off Joe at the end of the series, it really bothered me because it felt like they were killing off a member of my own family. I also like The Big Bang Theory a lot because it is funny and because a good friend of our family, Melissa Rauch,  is now a regular cast member of the show. Melissa is and always has been a really nice and really talented person, and I am so glad to see her doing so well.

And that's our view. Tune again for another topic.

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  1. That's cool about your friend being on BBT. I never saw that show.
    Full House is my favorite show of all time. I just got two seasons on DVD thanks to my favorite thrift store and I showed them to my older son. It's such a timeless show. I still like Saved by the Bell too.
    Glee is good, but I wish they would polish up their story lines a bit. Some things get annoying on that show. I love the music though.
    I also love Desperate Housewives, The Office, 90210 and Modern Family. I love watching reruns of Friends and Seinfeld too. And the one show I miss terribly is Ugly Betty. I caught a rerun last night and was all happy to see everyone again.