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Monday, February 21, 2011

Video Games Then and Now

Me- I  have  a DS.  There  are  lots  of  games  for  it. It  is  portable. I  want  a wii.  They  are   not   portable.

Mom - When I was young there were no video games. They had arcades but nobody had video games at home. When I was older, video games were just starting to get popular. Of course, then people only had games that connected to a TV. There were no portable games. The games were very primitive. Nothing really resembled what it was supposed to be. Most of the games available were sports games or games like Space Invaders or Pong. None of them really interested me that much.

I can't get over how much games have changed. These days the graphics on some of these games are amazing, and they get better all the time. Even more so, the variety of games has changed, there are so many more different types of games available now. Some of them are a lot worse than the games they had when I was young. I mean they should not have games where the object is to kill people. Even if these games are rated M, and children should not be able to get and play them; that doesn't not mean they don't. Besides, frankly, nobody should be playing games where the object is to hurt and kill other people even if they are not real people.

There are also many games that are lot better than the games they had when I was a kid. Both my daughters, for instance, love games where the object is to take care of baby or a pet or whatever or to be a doctor or a stylist or whatever. I feel like they are learning something about life and/or the future choices available to them by playing these games. Even though I still try to limit their video time as well as TV and computer time because I do not want them staring at a screen all day,  I do not have a problem with them playing video games in general. In fact, if those type of games were available when I was a kid, maybe I would have had more interest in video games myself.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another Talking Topic.

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  1. when i was growing up, we had computer games that were based on tv game shows (i.e. jeopardy, family feud, etc.) the graphics were sub-par compared to what we have now. i was 12 when we got our first nintendo and that was so cool, even though video games these days are so much more detailed. i don't play video games now, but my husband plays a few on the computer.