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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Justin Bieber

Me - Justin   Bieiber   BLECH!I  hate  him. You  know  his  song   Baby  Baby. Well  I  made a   new  version   "Baby  baby  I  hate you oh  Justin  bieber  stinks". He  sings  like  a  girl, and   is  a  big   baby.
He  even   looks  like  a   girl. The   first  time   I   heard   him  sing   I  thought    he   was   a   girl. When   my   family   first   heard   him   my  mom  joked   we  would   put   a   video  of  us   singing   on   YouTube  and  call   it   The  Family  Glee  Club. It  is   because    we  are   into   The  Partridge  Family  and   Glee, but  even   if    we   did,   I  don't   think   we   would   become    famous   because   that  is  not  how   life  works. So   how   did  it   happen  to  Justin  Bieber if    he   can   not  even   sing  well? I  like  to  call   him  Justin Bibler. Even   out   of   my  thirteen   year  old   friends  only  two  like   him,   and  one   of   them   is weird   just   like  him   which   makes  sense  to  me.

Mom- Justin Bieber I just don't get it. What is about him? Although I have heard worse singers, there is nothing special about his voice. It is just kind of average. He is not ugly, but his looks are just kind of average too. There must be tons of videos of people singing posted on YouTube every day, and a number of them must be better singers  and/or at least better looking than Justin Bieber. Yet, he is the that one gets noticed and becomes famous.  How in the world did that happen?  Who are all these young girls who love him? I have two daughters and neither one of them can stand him. In fact, one of the few things my two girls and their 17 year old brother agree on is that they all hate Justin Bieber. In fact, I don't personally know anyone of any age or gender who admits to being a fan of Justin Bieber. Still, I know they are out there because his records and concerts are selling so well. He seems to be showing up in so many places too like on a recent episode of "CSI". So again I have to wonder what is it about Justin Bieber? Do all these kids really love him because they really think he is so wonderful or do they love him because of his fame? I mean he was kind of famous before he became famous. Do kids look at him and think if it happened like that for him, being discovered on You Tube, maybe it could for me too? Or maybe it's even that he seems more approachable to them because he was allegedly  just a regular kid whose mother put videos of him singing on You Tube and the rest, as they say, is history. He was not just some Hollywood or Broadway kid who has been acting and singing professionally since he was a baby. So maybe he seems more like them to these kids and that's why they love him. Anyway, whatever it is I just don't get it.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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  1. I totally agree about this. There are so many talented performers who go unnoticed and then he becomes some teen idol and gets his own movie. Such a joke. We can't stand him either.