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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Me- At  home  my  family  has  a  DVR, but  not  just  any  DVR  one  that  is  crappy! When   we  record  things  we  never   get   the  whole show. The  endings   of   every   show  are   cut  off  so  we   never know  how  things end. With  Glee,  we  had   to  tape  the  end  of  Raising  Hope  which  we  ended  up  liking  anyway  which  makes  it  a  win-win, at   least   for  one    show   we   watch. Every   single  time  my  mom  and   I  are   watching  Disney  Channel  we have  never  seen   the   end  of   an  episode  that  we  recorded  in  our  lives. I  am  serious  about   that   no  lie  no   doubt.  It  would  be  like "I   d" Then  I  always   say  we  will   never  know  what  happened  in  this  one  either .Every  single  time  I  leave  the  TV set  I  think  to  myself   I  would   just  like   like  to  see  the  ending  of  at  least  one  episode. I  mean   is   that  to much to ask for?

 Mom- I thought the VHS was one the of the greatest inventions ever. Being able to record TV shows and watch them when you want as well as being able to rent and buy movies and watch them at home whenever you want that was just amazing. The DVR is truly one of the greatest inventions ever. It took every thing that was great about the VHS and made it even more so. Being able to set a show once and record an entire season instead of having to record one episode at a time, being able to pause and rewind live TV, those things were incredible to me.   Since  I am not one of those people who always needs to have the TV on whether I am watching it or not, I only want to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch,  the DVR was a miracle to me. True you can watch shows any time you want on the computer. However, at least for me, sometimes it is hard to find exactly the show and/or the episode you are looking for especially if you are not willing to pay for it.  I mean why should I pay again for shows am I already paying for through my cable subscription. So for me it is the DVR all the way. However, not all DVRs are created equal and the one we have through our cable company is probably the worst DVR in the world. A good DVR will easily let you search for shows. Ours does not. As a matter of fact, our DVR does not even let you search more than a week in advance. A good DVR makes it easy to skip recording a program one time. Our DVR does not. A good DVR knows when a program is on at a different day or a different time or doesn't end when it is supposed to. Our DVR does not it will not record a program on a different day or at different time unless you specifically set it for that date and time. It ends a recording when it thinks the show should be over not always when it actually is. I cannot tell you how many times the ends of our shows get cutoff particularly shows that are on after sporting events or that are on certain channels like Fox and Disney. A good DVR makes it easy to prioritize your recordings. Our DVR does not. In fact, the way it prioritizes recordings is a big secret  that it obviously handles itself because I cannot seem to find any way for me to do it manually. A good DVR records what you want when you want. Our DVR has been known to record shows that we never set to record or wanted to record. Other times, it won't record shows that we do want to record and did set to record. We prefer to set most of our shows to record first run only. However, when we do that sometimes when one of our shows is a rerun it doesn't record that episode, which is fine, but then when the next new episode is on it still doesn't record. If we set it to tape all episodes of a show regardless of whether they are new or not we end up with too many episodes (especially of my children's shows) and too many conflicts regarding  which shows are going to record at all, which as I said before is something that the machine decides for itself. A good DVR is a wonderful thing. Our DVR is not. I don't celebrate Christmas, and I am long past believing in the tooth fairy  but I hope next year one of them or the good fairy or somebody or anybody brings me a TIVO.

And that's our view. Tune in again for another topic.

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