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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Theater Thursday - The Goes Wrong Show

What: The Goes Wrong Show

Where: Amazon Prime Video

Who: 16 and Up

If you have seen and enjoyed The Play That Goes Wrong and you want more of the same, you will love The Goes Wrong Show. Even if you haven't seen that show and you are interested in watching a completely inept theater troop bungle their way through a variety of different theatrical genres, you will enjoy this hilarious series. Doors don't open. Actors flub their lines. Props are misplaced. Sets fall down unexpectedly. These are only a few of the comical mishaps that occur in episodes of this funny series. If you have ever been a part of a play that went wrong, this show should make you feel infinitely better. There is no way any real-life play could ever go as spectacularly badly as any of the plays performed by this bumbling troop.

Season 1 of  The Goes Wrong series is available on Amazon Prime. All six episodes are free to watch with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, if you don't have an Amazon Prime account each episode is available to rent for only $1.99 each or to purchase for only $2.99 each. Unfortunately, season 2 of this two-season, series is not currently available. 

Each episode  of the series takes on a different genre of theater as follows:

Episode 1: The Lodge - Thriller

Episode 2: The Pilot (Not the Pilot) - Historical Drama

Episode 3: A Trial to Watch - Crime Drama

Episode 4: 90 Degrees - Family Drama

Episode 5: Harper's Locket - Historical Romance

Episode 6: The Spirit of Christmas - Holiday Musical

The series is definitely not appropriate for young children. The reasons vary from episode to episode but include violence, language, situations, and even a little nudity in one episode. However, it is probably okay for older teens. For more information go to https://www.thegoeswrongshow.com/episodes or https://www.amazon.com

And that's our view. Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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