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Monday, April 19, 2021

BroadwayCon 2021

What: BroadwayCon 2021

Where: Online at Broadwaycon.com, BroadwayCon's YouTube Channel  and Broadway On Demand

This year's BroadwayCon looked a little bit different. For one thing, the entire event took place online. It wasn't exactly the same, but at least it was something, and even having it at all was another step toward normality. There were some really nice things about the event being online. First, all of the mainstage programming was available for free on BroadwayCon's website and YouTube channel as well as on Broadway on Demand. Even if you missed the entire event, you can still watch all of the free programming on any of those platforms. Although it is unclear how long it will remain available on BroadwayCon's website and/or Broadway on Demand, it will allegedly remain available on BroadwayCon's YouTube channel indefinitely, however. 

The virtual nature of the event and the large amount of free programming  also made it more accessible than ever even to people who would not normally be able to be a part of it because of distance and/or monetary constraints. It was all very fitting in a year in which world-changing events have put the emphasis on equitably and equality to all. Something the theater world, in particular, has taken to heart.

There were. of course, things which were missed at this year's festival. The thrill of being right there in the room with all your favorite Broadway stars for one. For another, the sense of community that comes from being in a place with thousands of other fans who love Broadway like you do is not exactly the same online as it is in person. Also, a couple of the usual highlights of the festival were unable to be held this year. There were no show panels except for one on the Tik Tok created musical, Ratatouille, because, of course, there aren't any shows currently running. Most of the shows that were running  previously and/or set to open when Broadway shut down held show panels at previous BroadwayCon events. Also, there were no previews of upcoming new Broadway shows because there aren't any shows currently set to open this year that weren't already scheduled to open last year, and previews were held for most of those shows last year. Besides, due to pandemic restrictions, it would have been impossible for actors, particularly those in shows with large casts, to get together to rehearse let alone perform 

Despite what was missing, there was still plenty to see at this year's BroadwayCon. Panels included Musicals and Mental Health How Broadway Performers are Coping During the Pandemic, How to be An #ArtsHero, Backstage Stories with Broadway Stage Managers and much more. Returning favorite events included BroadwayCon Family Feud, BroadwayCon Star to Be and the Blizzard Party Line. All in all, it may not have been exactly the same but it was definitely a welcome return.

For more about this year's BroadwayCon or to watch any of the free programming go to  Broadwaycon.com,   BroadwayCon's YouTube Page or Broadway On Demand

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