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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What-To-Do Wednesday - Virtual Visits - The Space Needle

If you are in an area that is still in the process of opening up or has begun to shutdown again and there aren't many (or any) museums and attractions in your area open for visits, you can still get your dose of culture. Many museums and other attractions offer a variety of virtual exhibits. This is an especially great time to explore museums and attractions that are outside of your area and maybe even outside of your country that you ordinarily would not be able to get to because of time and/or money constraints. We are doing so as well, and we have been sharing our virtual visits in our weekly What-To-Do Wednesday posts. We we will continue to do so until we can return to our regular Where-To-Go Wednesday posts. 

What: The Space Needle

Physical Location: 400 Broad St.

                                Seattle, WA

The Space Needle is a 605 foot observation tour that was built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. There are a couple of different ways to visit the Space Needle virtually.

Space Needle Panocam 

See the exact views you would be witnessing if you were visiting the Space Needle at that exact moment.

See what the views would have looked like at a time of your choosing earlier in the day. 

See what the views would have looked like at the same time of day on a different date. 

See what the views would have looked like at a different time of day on a different day.

See what the views were like on one of selection of specific dates when allegedly the best views were available.

For more go to https://www.spaceneedle.com/webcam

Space Needle Walking Tour

This virtual tour allows you to experience the Space Needle as if you were there including:

Your arrival

Purchasing your tickets

Going up in the elevator

Walking around and observing the view from all sides

Riding back down in the elevator.

For more go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRWDlbDKmsc

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

Photo credits:
photo credit 1: Brook-Ward Space Needle via photopin (license)
photo credit 2: Maƫlick Space Needle View via photopin (license)
photo credit 3: Lorenzo Pasqualis Seattle by Night via photopin (license)

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