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Monday, January 20, 2020

More Theater Monday - Paddington Gets in a Jam

We were given complimentary tickets to Paddington Gets in a Jam for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Paddington Gets in a Jam

Where: DR2 Theatre
            103 E. 15th St.
            New York, NY

Who: Ages 5 and up

When: Through March 6, 2020

Me - Paddington Gets in a Jam is a show about the bear from the children's books of the same name. The creators did a terrific job with the Paddington puppet. It looks accurate and seems more like a person in a costume than a puppet.The story will appeal to children, but can be kind of  repetetitive if you're older. It is great for very young children. If they are familiar with the books, they will love seeing one of their favorite characters on stage. If not, they will probably still enjoy the show and  be thoroughly entertained by Paddington and all the trouble he gets into. The show has a really well done set. It is very detailed, and they really make use of all of it during the course of the show. All in all, it's a great show for little kids

Mom -  Paddington Gets in a Jam is a kind of a cute show based on the beloved books by Michael Bond. The show is not necessarily based on any of the actual Paddington books. However, the story about Paddington popping over to his neighbor's to borrow a cup of sugar and getting into all sorts of trouble is very true to the spirit of the books. Unlike most children's theater these days the story is neither interactive nor musical. However, the story is somewhat amusing and should be entertaining to young children from about ages 5 through 7. Older children are likely to get bored. Although some children's show throw in things that might go over children's heads but keep the adults in the audience interested, this one does not. It is strictly for the kids. Therefore, it is not as likely to be enjoyable to adults who will probably find it somewhat tedious after a while. It is should be just short enough to keep the attention of the little kids who are its core audience however.

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Photo credits: All Paddington Gets in a Jam production photos by Richard Termine.

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