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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
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Monday, January 6, 2020

12 Movies We Love

Yesterday was the Golden Globe Awards which marks the beginning of the movie awards season, Concidentally, we started our blog with a post about the Golden Globes almost nine (9) years ago. While we don't have anything to say about this year's Golden Globes, in honor of our blog's first post, we did want to talk about movies we love. So here are 12 movies we love.

Me -Six movies I love:

1.) Dirty Dancing- This is my number one favorite movie of all time. It's deep and romantic, the main couple has incredible chemistry, the dancing is amazing, and, in my opinion, it has one of the best soundtracks from a non-musical movie in existence.

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2.) Clueless- This is one of the sweetest romances I've ever seen. It's also really funny, the main character develops beautifully, and even all these years after it came out, any high schooler could still relate to it. It's one of those movies that I just can't help but smile at the entire time I'm watching it.

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3.) 13 Going On 30- Another one of those movies that leaves me feeling giddy for hours after I finish watching. The acting is perfect, every song on the soundtrack is great, the chemistry is undeniably there, and the romance is absolutely adorable.

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4.) Grease - One of the best musicals of all time. The music is catchy and incredible, the story is light and fun, the romance is very cute, and although the lesson is terrible, I've never completed this movie without feeling happy and satisfied.

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5.) High School Musical 1,2, and 3- I watched HSM for the first time the year it came out when I was four, and I have never once gotten sick of it. The music is amazing, the characters are relatable, and the relationships are sweet. I will never outgrow this franchise.

Mom - Here are six movies I love:

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1.) The Sound of Music- The music is great. The kids are cute. The scenery is beautiful. The story is good. It's been my favorite movie since I was 5.

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2.)  Pitch Perfect- Hard to believe that a movie with hardly any instruments on the soundtrack could still have ones of the best soundtracks ever. The story is sweet too.

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3.) For the Love of the Game - The love story was just okay, but the baseball scenes made me cry because they reminded me of my favorite player.

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4.) He's Just Not That Into You - I love movies that have a whole lot  of intersecting stories. Ben Affleck's character in this reminds me of my husband in a good way.

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5.) The Blind Side - I am a sucker for a based on a true story heartwarming inspirational movie. Basically, if the trailer makes me want to both smile and cry, I know I am going to love the movie. This is just one of this type of movie that I love.

And that's our view. What are some of your favorite movies?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.


  1. Those are all good choices. I like all the old Disney movies from when I was little.

    1. Me too! Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and your comment.