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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Museum at FIT: Fashion Unraveled

What: Fashion Unraveled

Where: Museum at FIT
            7th Avenue and 27th St.
            New York, NY

Who: All ages

When: Now through November 17, 2018


Me - Fashion Unraveled at the Museum at FIT was nice.Some of the clothes I liked, and some I didn't. There were lots of dresses and there were a few coats. There was one dress that looked like a garbage bag. There was a purple dress. I liked the color and the bottom of the dress but I didn't really like the top. There was a pink dress and a top that was really busy. There was a pretty dress with the flowers. I wouldn't wearing something like that because it was really old fashioned but it was pretty. There was a dress and a jacket made out of a sack. There was another jacket made out of a quilt. There were outfits made out of old denim.There were outfits made out of rugby shirts. There was an outfit made out of old trousers, and it looked it. There was a dress  with fringe at the bottom. The fringe reminded me of bird feathers. There was a red jacket that reminded me of a circus. There was one outfit that looked like really badly done splatter paint. Another reminded me of  a very poorly wrapped birthday present. There were shoes in  a case. The exhibit over all was fascinating.


Mom - The current exhibit at the Museum at FIT, Fashion Unraveled is all about oncovering  the history of garments. Fashion is fluid. It does not alway stay the same. Garments change hands. They can be altered. They can be made out of other things. They can be made to look like other things. All of these possibilities are represented in the exhibit There are garments with an interesting history of ownership. There are garments that have had panels added or have been reshaped or have been altered in some other way perhaps to fit a new wearer. There are garments that have been made from other things: old jeans, rugby shirts, burlap sacks and more. There are garment that are made like something other than what they are. There are garments made too look like they are older than they are or garments made to look like they were haphazardly put together when they were just meant to look that way. There are even garments that are unfinished and/or ones that are meant to look unfinished. All in all, it is an interesting exhibit that anybody with an interest in fashion would  enjoy. It really makes you think about how clothes are made and why particular garments are made the way they are.

All Museum at FIT exhibits are free and open Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, visit www.fitnyc.edu/museum/exhibitions/fashion-unraveled.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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