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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Theater Thursday - ComedySportz

We were given free tickets to ComedySportz for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: ComedySportz

Where: The Broadway Comedy Club
             315 W. 53rd St.
             New York, NY
            (Visit ComedySportz Worldwide at http://www.cszworldwide.com/find-csz-     
            worldwide for other locations)

Who: All ages

Me - ComedySportz was extremely entertaining! It was unlike any show I had ever seen before. There were two teams and they were competing in an improv comedy competition . Each round was a different challenge. All of the challenges had little parts that the audience got to help with. The audience offered suggestions like if they needed a color or a song title or other things like that.  There was one game where they were having a conversation about a particular topic, and then the referee would ring a bell. When he rang a bell, they would have to make up a song using the last line they had said. All of the challenges were hysterically amusing. I really enjoyed the show!  Everyone would love this show except for people who don't like to laugh.

Mom - ComedySportz is a family friendly interactive show.  However, it is not only for families. It is great for a night out with the friends, a date night or pretty much any gathering of people that just want to be entertained and amused. Two teams compete at improv challenges with the help of the audience. The audience is asked for information needed for the various challenges and also gets to vote on the winner of each challenge. At the end of of the night, an overall winning team is chosen according to which team has the most points. At times, throughout the night points are even awarded to audience members (although the points don't get you anything except maybe bragging rights at having received them).  The challenges the teams participate in are all delightfully fun. They included one in which the two teams have to make up rap songs and one in which they have to smoothly incorporate sayings chosen from audience suggestions into a scene.  At one point, a member of the audience even got to get up on stage and participate in a challenge. The show is all very tongue in cheek and very hilarious. If you are looking for a unique and enjoyable evening and you want a good laugh, ComedySportz is a great choice.

For more information about ComedySportz New York, visit http://csznewyork.com/ To find a ComedySportz location near you go to http://www.cszworldwide.com/find-csz-     

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

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