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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where-To-Go- Wednesday The Jewish Museum - Scenes from the Collection

What: The Jewish Museum

Where: 1109 5th Ave.
             New York, NY

Who: All ages


Me - The Jewish Museum was interesting. There were a lot of works of art. There was a sculpture of  a person that looked like it was made out of newspapers. There was a sculpture of  a suitcase with all kinds of candles and things that give off light hanging out of it. There was a painting of a bunch of people sitting around a table . It looks like they  were having a holiday meal. There was  a bottle. It looked like there was a castle in it. There were lots of menorahs and other Jewish artifacts. There was a  lot of  artwork and objects with  Jewish stars in them. Some of them were really cool. One was like a wall and it said things and in the middle was an imprint of a Jewish star. There was a sedar plate with a Jewish star. It was really sparkly, and it was very pretty. It was my favorite thing at the museum. There were these things that were like viewers, and there was a picture at the end of each one. When you looked through one of the viewers, you could see the picture at the end better. That was really cool! People interested in art or Jewish history would enjoy this museum.


Mom - Early this year after an extensive renovation the Jewish Museum's permanent gallery Scenes From A Collection reopened. The vast collection encompasses the entire third floor of the museum and includes over 600 works ranging from ancient to modern pieces. It covers over 4,000 years of Jewish history. It includes numerous pieces of art of all types: painting, sculpture, photography and more. There are also a wide array of objects on display including a bracelet from Theresienstadt and an assortment of different objects with Jewish stars in their shape. The exhibit is divided into several sections. Some parts will remain on permanent display. Others will rotate. The museum offers tours and art talks for adults and/or older children as well a children's interactive guide to the gallery for younger children.  The interactive guide teaches children things to look for in the art and objects they see like colors and shapes and also encourages them to make art of their own  and gives them the opportunity to do so.The museum also frequently holds concerts and other events for children. These things truly make the museum a place that all ages can enjoy.  On Saturdays, admission to the museum is free.


For more information, visit https://thejewishmuseum.org/collection.

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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