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Monday, May 21, 2018

The Royal Wedding- Megan and Harry

Me- I woke up at 6:00 in the morning to watch the royal wedding. I was excited to see the wedding. I have never seen a royal wedding before. In fact, I have never seen a wedding before. It was fun watching everyone arrive. They were dressed very fancy. I liked some of the clothes but not all. Some of the hats were nice too. Megan looked really pretty. Her dress was nice but it looked kind of plain. Harry looked okay. I don't really like military uniforms. Megan and Harry looked like they were really in love.  The pages boys and flowers girls were all so cute. Charlotte was the cutest flower girl. It was adorable when she was waving to the crowd. The part of the wedding when they were making speeches was boring. However, I liked seeing Megan walk down the aisle. I also like when they said their vows. It was cool when they went riding around town in the open carriage. It would have been exciting to be there. Even though I was tired the rest of the day, I am still glad I got up to watch the royal wedding.

Mom - Having only seen bits and pieces of Charles and Diana's wedding and William and Kate's wedding, I was determined to get up early and watch Harry and Megan's wedding. The main thing I remember about Charles and Diana's wedding was her over the top dress and how they hardly ever seemed to look at each other. The main thing I remember about William and Kate's wedding was how happy they seemed and how lovingly they were always looking at each other. Harry and Megan seemed really in love too and even at the wedding they were holding hands a lot which is something that the royals don't really seem to do ever not just at their weddings. You never really see William and Kate holding hands even now. Megan looked really beautiful coming down the aisle. It was so cute they way she had her best friend's too young sons holding her train. All the little page boys and flower girls were adorable. I love that tradition of having young kids in the wedding instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen except I wouldn't have wanted to have a bunch of young kids at my reception. Megan's dress was pretty but a little too plain for my taste. I like a cross between over the top like Diana's dress and ultra simple like Megan's. Megan did look beautiful in her dress though. There were lots of parts of the wedding that were kind of boring and sometimes, it really seemed to drag.  I  mostly liked watching the bride and groom together and hearing them say their vows. I loved after the wedding when they rode around town in that open carriage. What a great memory for all those people who were there! Maybe, if I had a lot more money, I would have wanted to go and be there for the wedding. Probably not though, it was just way too crowded for me. I was happy just to watch it on my television and be a part of it that way.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

photo credit: Gerard Stolk ( vers la PentecĂ´te) Breaking News via photopin (license)

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