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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Fraunces Tavern Museum

We were given tickets to Fraunces Tavern Museum for free for review purposes. Any and all opinions expresed here are our own.
What: Fraunces Tavern Museum

Where: 54 Pearl Street
              New York, NY

Who: 9 and Up

Me - Fraunces Tavern Museum is interesting. They mostly had things from the Revolutionary War. It is actually in a Tavern from the Revolutionary War, and they still have a tavern there so you can actually eat or drink there. The museum is upstairs. They used to have meeting rooms there. There is a tour, but it is really short so if you are late you will miss it even if you  are late by only 15 minutes. There were lots of pictures at the museum. There was a shoe that allegedly belonged to Martha Washington. There was a bell. There were books. There was furniture from the time period but not necessarily originally from the Tavern. Some of the rooms were set up like they would have been during the Revolutionary War time. I liked that they had some cool things. It was unique because I never saw a museum in a place like that. It was also unique because it still an operating tavern even after so may years. There were not any interactive exhibits probably because it was so old and also pretty small. There were no special exhibits either. People who are interested in things that have to do with Revolutionary War time would enjoy this museum.

Mom - Fraunces Tavern has been around since the Revolutionary War. It is still a working restaurant and bar where you can get a meal and/or have a drink. It is also a museum. It is most famous for being the location where George Washington said goodbye to his troops,  and you can actually visit the room where this historic event took place. Although the furniture and other items in the room are not authentically from that exact date, they are authentic to the time period. Another room in the museum recreates a Federalist style dining room. These two rooms are both on the lower floor of the museum The upper floor contains a variety of artifacts and artwork. The entire museum is not very big. Limited tours are available with purchase of tickets to the Museum. These tours are only available once or twice a day Thursday through Sunday, and the tours are very brief so if you arrive late, you will miss the whole tour. There are also special longer tours available. However, those tours may involve a fee. Other events at Fraunces Tavern include plays, lectures, book clubs, walking tours and other special events.  Some of these events are free; some may require an additional fee. Check www.frauncestavernmuseum.org/events-calendar for a list of upcoming events and further details. The museum is not a good place for very young children. However, children who are older and have learned and/or are learning about the revolutionary war period may it enjoy it as will anyone who is particularly interested in that time period.

For more information about Fraunce Tavern visit www.frauncestavernmuseum.org.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.


  1. I've heard of this place but have never been here. I love that it's still a tavern that you can eat at.
    Flyergal82 (at /yahoo :dot !com

  2. We didn't actually eat there but the food smelled really good. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.