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Monday, November 6, 2017

The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook

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Me - The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook is a book made by the people who played the kids in the movie The Sound of Music. It is mostly about things that happened when they were filming the movie. Each one of them has their own chapter. In their chapters, they also talk about their lives besides talking about making the movie. I really like the book. My favorite chapter was Kym Karath. She played Gretyl in The Sound of Music. Gretyl is the youngest child. She has always been my favorite. I found  it especially interesting that Kim's family gave her the name Kym with a y not Kim with an  i just to make it interesting. There were a lot of cool pictures in the book. My favorite picture was a Hirshfeld drawing. Hirshfeld was an artist who always hid his daughter, Nina's name in his pictures. The number at the bottom of the picture tells you how many Ninas are hidden in that picture. It was fun to look for the Ninas in the Hirschfeld drawing. It was hard though because the picture was so tiny. My grandfather used to have a whole book of Hirshfeld drawings. There were also some pockets filled with copies of document in The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook.  There were things like letters that Kym Karath wrote to her father while they were making the movie, Debbie Turner's plane ticket (Debbie played Marta), and Angela Cartwright's art and Beatles diary (Angela played Brigitta). Over all, it was a great book and if you like The Sound of Music you would like it.

Mom - The Sound of Music is my favorite movie. I have also read a lot of books about it, both books about the movie and books about the actual Von Trapp family. One of my favorites is The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook.  The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook is the story of the making of the movie as told by the seven actors who played the Von Trapp children in the movie. It is the story of their lives as well as the story of their experience making the film. I learned a lot of interesting facts reading this book. For example, I had no idea Angela Cartwright who played Brigitta was actually English and her family immigrated to America when she was young. I also had no idea that Kym Karath, who played Gretyl has a child who suffered brain damage. These were just a few of the facts I learned reading this book. The most interesting thing I learned is how close the actors all became while making the movie and how close they remain all these years later. It's like they became a family for real.  Knowing that makes me love the movie even more. There were a lot of great pictures in the book. There were pictures from the making of the movie as well as pictures from their lives before and after the making of the film. It was fun to see what they all look like now. There were also copies of documents, such as, the official movie poster, a costume sketch, and a note from the director, Robert Wise. This book was a lot of fun to read, and I really enjoyed it.

And that's our view.  What is a book that you really enjoyed reading?

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