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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday Eloise at the Museum and Hilary Knight's Stage Struck World

We were given free tickets to the New York Historical Society for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Eloise at the Museum

Where: The New York Historical Society

When: Now through October 9, 2017

Who: All ages

When: Now through October 9, 2017
Me - Eloise at the museum was a cool exhibit. The exhibit is at the New York Historical Society though October 9, 2017.  The Exhibit was on the Eloise books, about a little girl named Eloise who lives at the plaza hotel with her Nanny and her dog, Weenie and her turtle, Skipperdee. When I was little I loved reading the books. At the exhibit, there were head sets so that little kids could take an audio tour as they walked around. Near the area where you entered  there were a couple of phones. If you listened to one of the phones you could actually hear talking. It was supposed to be Eloise. You could also listen to a song about Eloise on a record. There was even a picture of Eloise standing on her head in the Museum's elevator. There were also a few Eloise dolls. There were lots of pictures from the books. There was one area with Eloise books and chairs so that little kids could sit down and read some of the books. Little kids would really enjoy this exhibit especially if they like the Eloise books. Over all, Eloise at the museum was a fun Exhibit to go to.
Mom - A current exhibit at the New York Historical Society celebrates Kay Thompson's beloved children's character Eloise. The exhibit includes everything from books to pictures to dolls and more. This is not just an exhibit for walking around and looking. There are interactive parts to the exhibit as well where you can pick up a phone and hear the voice of Eloise (in this case played by Bernadette Peters) or read Eloise books. The exhibit also celebrates Eloise's creator and you can see a portrait of Eloise with her creator as well as watch the musical number Think Pink from the move, Funny Face in which Kay Thompson portrayed Maggie Prescott.The illustrator of the Eloise books is also represented in this exhibit. In addition to his illustrations for the Eloise books, some of his other illustrations are displayed as well. Little girls that love books and dolls and anyone who loves Eloise will love this exhibit. There is also a wide variety of Eloise merchandise for sale including doll, books and clothing. The exhibit will be open through October 9, 2017.
 For more information visit nyhistory.org/exhibitions/eloise-museum

For more about Eloise and another location where you can see and/or buy Eloise related merchandise and maybe even attend an Eloise Tea Party go to Where-To-Go Wednesday - Eloise at the Plaza. For more about Hilary Knight see below.
What: Hilary Knight's Stage Struck World

Where: The New York Library of the Performing Arts
             40 Lincoln Center Plaza
             New York, NY

Who: All ages

When: Now through October 14, 2017
Me - Hilary Knight's Stage Struck World was very interesting.  The exhibit included pictures drawn by Hilary Knight including pictures of Eloise as well as show posters. There was other stuff too including an outfit with a picture of Eloise and Weenie but not Skipperdee. Most of the items were related to shows or books. There was a picture of a book cover for a book about the Algonquin Cat. For more about the Algonquin cat see our previous post  The Algonquin Hotel.  I especially liked the show posters. There were quite a lot of them. I don't think I saw any of the shows represented in the posters, but I love show posters. They were really colorful and the drawings were pretty. Most other exhibits of Hilary Knight's work I've seen concentrated mostly on his work on the Eloise books. This exhibit, however focuses on all his work. People that like Hilary Knight's work or show posters would love this exhibit. Over all, the Hilary Knight Stage Struck World Exhibit was really fun!
Mom - In addition to the Eloise exhibit at the New York Historical Society, Hilary Knight illustrator of the Eloise books is also currently the subject of an exhibit at the New York Library for the Performing Arts. In addition to his work on the Eloise books, Knight illustrated other books as well as many theater posters including ones for more well known shows like La Cage Aux Folles and ones for lesser known and/or shorter running shows like Meet Me in St. Louis. He also designed promotional items for shows as well as at least one poster for Broadway Barks. Many of the posters, books and other items are on display at the exhibit and there is even one dress with a portrait of Eloise and her dog. Several self-portraits by the artist are also part of the exhibit. You can also view an interview with Hilary Knight himself. This exhibit would probably not be as interesting to small children as Eloise at the Museum. Older children especially those that love art, theater and/or Eloise would probably enjoy it. The exhibit is completely free and not very big so it shouldn't take that long to go through. Hilary Knight's Stage Struck World will be on display at the New York Library for the Performing Arts through October 14, 2017.
For more information visit www.nypl.org/events/exhibitions/hilary-knights-stage-struck-world.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.