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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Where- To-Go Wednesday - Big Onion Tours: Historic Harlem

We were given a free Big Onion Historic Harlem Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Big Onion Tours: Historic Harlem Tours

Where: Northwest corner of 135th Street & Lenox (Malcolm X) Avenue 
              (in front of the Schomburg Center.)

Who: Teens and Up

Me - Big Onion Tours Historic Harlem Tour was interesting.  I was never really in the Harlem area before I took the tour.  There was a sculpture of a tree. There used to be a really tree there. Actors and musicians would go there and rub the tree when they needed to get a job. We went to Strivers Row. They still had signs there that said "Private Road  Walk Your Horses." We saw the Apollo Theater where lots of famous people have played. Our guide, Tanya, was very informative. She told us a lot about the history of Harlem. We learned a lot about the people and the places. She even told us a lot  about places that are no longer there like the Renassiance and the Cotton Club. She was very nice and friendly. She had us all introduce ourselves when we started our tour. She talked to people while we were walking, and she made everyone feel a part of the group.  Over all, Big Onion's Historic Harlem tour was a fun and informational tour, and I would highly recommend taking this tour especially with a great guide like Tanya.

Mom - If you want to go on an interesting tour with a knowledgeable guide a Big Onion Tour is a good choice. Most tours are given by actors and actresses or people who are working as tour guides as fill-in jobs while they are trying to get their big break. Not Big Onion Tours. Big Onion Tours are given by people who have some kind of background related to the tour they are giving. We participated in a Big Onion Historic Harlem Tour. Our guide Tanya was very informative. She also had a great personality and made everyone feel welcome. On other tours we have been on, the guides don't even necessarily interact with everyone. We learned a lot about the past and present history and culture of Harlem on our tour. We didn't just walk around and look at buildings. We learned about people who were an important part of the history and culture as well.  Of course, this doesn't mean we didn't look at buildings at all. We did visit significant locations on our tour like the Apollo Theater, Strivers Row and the historic Harlem YMCA. We also learned about well-known locations that no longer exist like the Cotton Club. However, there was so much to our tour that that. Our guide was so passionate about her subject that it really made the tour that much more interesting for all of us. She really made history come alive for us.  Our Historic Harlem tour was so interesting and informative that it felt like it was over in a breeze.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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