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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Manhattan Street Art Tour by Free Tours by Foot

What: Manhattan Street Art Tour by Free Tours by Foot

Where: Tour Meets at the LEI Store at the intersection of Lafayette St. and E. Houston
              New York, NY

Who: Tweens and up

Me - Manhattan Street Art Tour was extremely interesting.  We got to see all different kinds of art including a lot that I didn't even know existed.  It was all very unique and colorful and pretty. Some of it was made with stickers. Some were painted. Some were chalk drawings. There was even one made out of tape. That was cool! It was really fascinating how many ways you could make art outside. There was one art piece that was a bunch of different hearts and polka dots that made up a big heart. That was by a well known graffiti artists whose tag is Hek Tad. A tag is like a graffiti artist's signature. It is what they sign their work with. There was another graffiti artist whose tag is Jodo who makes pictures of bees. There were drawings on sidewalks. There was someone who did a bunch of turtles.There was one graffiti artwork that was supposed to represent your thoughts. There were emojis. They had like a pizza, money signs, and piece of poop among other things. Our tour guide said the poop was Donald Trump.  Some of the art was very crowded. There was a lot in a small area. Others were very spaced out. It was a really fun tour, and it's free so I would really recommend you go.

Mom- If you are interested in learning about Street Art in New York City and some of the artists who create it than this is the perfect tour for you. It is an especially great tour for you if you are on a limited budget since like all Free Tours by Foot, it is completely free. In approximately 2 hours of walking around, you will get to see Street Art of all types including paintings, drawings, and stickers and even see some artwork created out of things you may never have thought about  using for creating art like tape. You will learn about some of the more well known Street Artists including Hek Tad, Claw Money, and Jerk Face. You will see artworks by lesser  known artists as well including some whose names might not even be known at all. You will see artwork in all kinds of places: on buildings, on sidewalks, even on the gates of stores or garbage bins or other places you may never have seen art  before. Each artists' work is unique and interesting in its own way. The tour is unique as well if you go on it at one time and then go on it again at a different time, it may be completely different. This partly because the tour guides are free to cover whatever route they want so one day they may take a route that goes one way and the next they might go a completely a different way. Also, it is because Street Art is always changing whether it is because some types of artwork washes away or some artists paint over another artists work or for some other reason. This is not a good tour for small children and/or anyone who has trouble walking around outside for long periods of time. However, older children and adults particularly those that like art should enjoy it. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes. For more information or sign up for a tour go to http://www.freetoursbyfoot.com/new-york-tours/tour-calendar/

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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