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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tips for Tuesday- Books: Eloise, Die for You and Be the Shoe

We may have been give some of the below books for free for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
Me - Today I am recommending Eloise books by Kay Thompson. These books include Eloise at the Plaza, Eloise in Paris and Eloise Takes a Bawth. There are also Eloise First to Read books for kids learning to read. These are books about a little girl named Eloise. She lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York City with her Nanny; her dog, Weenie; and her turtle, Skipperdee, and she gets into adventures. The books are really funny. Eloise is always doing things and getting into trouble. She is very mischievious. Over all, she is  a good character because she is nice and she is not really trying to cause trouble. She is just trying to keep herself entertained and sometimes to help people. Little kids would like these books especially little girls. These books are bit old fashioned but they are good and fun to read.

Mom - Today I am recommending 2 books.

First is the fiction book, Die for You by Amy Fellner Dominy. Emma and Dillon are a young couple in love. When Emma is given the opportunity to apply for a prestigious internship in Rome, Dillon will stop at nothing to get her to stay, and Emma realizes their relationship may not be as healthy as she thought. There are numerous books, movies etc. about abusive relationships where one partner is literally beating up on the other. This book is not that. Dillon is more of an emotional abuser. He plays with Emma's mind by hurting himself or threatening to hurt himself, for example. This is an important book for teenage girls. It shows that just because you are not literally being beaten up does not mean you are in a healthy relationship. There are many kinds of unhealthy relationships. Of course, the book is not just a life lesson, it is a good story with interesting characters too. I would definitely recommend it.
The second book is Be The Shoe by Kathy Kelada. Kelada's theory is that shoes relate to personality types, and the types of shoes you pick relates to who you are inside and changing your shoes can actually your life. She actually uses shoe therapy with her clients to help them realize their dreams and work through difficult transitions in their lives, In the book, she talks about different kinds of shoes and the personalities they relate to. Even if you can't find your perfect shoe type in this book, if you love shoes it is still fun to read through this book and think about how shoes relate to personality and to look at all the beautiful water color pictures of different shoes draw by the books illustrator, Bridge Davies. If you love shoes like I do, you should definitely like this book.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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