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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Theater Thursday - Something, Amelie and Miss Saigon

We were given tickets to Something for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Something

Where: New Victory Theater
             209 W. 42nd St.
             New York, NY
When: Through April 16, 2017

Who: Ages 6 and up
Me - Something was like a circus that was all acrobatics. It was fun to watch. They did a thing where they were all attached to each other. They started the show that way, and they ended it that way. The show was unique. It wasn't like they just got up there and did  a bunch of flips. Each act was like a whole little scene. One was was a guy trying to read and moving around all different ways like he was trying to get comfortable. Another was a group of guys playing cards, and they jumped on and off a table among other things. There was also a girl who looked like she was floating in balloons. There were a bunch of other little scenes too. They used a lot of props in the show including an apple,balloons, a jacket, and cards. The use of props and the little scenes made the show more interesting. It was a good show for all ages. It moved quickly so little kids didn't have trouble paying attention, and there wasn't much dialogue so it didn't matter if they got a little noisy. However, it was still enjoyable for older kids and adults too because the show was so fascinating.
For more about Something or to purchase tickets go to http://newvictory.org/Show-Detail?ProductionId=7687
We were given free tickets to Amelie for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Amelie

Where: Walter Kerr Theatre
             219 W. 48th St.
             NY, NY

Who: Ages 13 and up
Me - Amelie was about a girl who was trying to help people. She was a very admirable character. I liked the character of Amelie. Phillipa Soo did a good job playing her. The other people in the cast acted well too. They did not really develop the other characters as much, however. Maybe, that is because most of them were playing so many different  parts. Sometimes, the show was a bit confusing because so many people were playing so many different parts. The songs were nice to listen to, but not really memorable. The only one I remember is called Times are Hard for Dreamers. I liked the set. It was interesting. I liked the way it had two levels. I liked the costumes too. They were colorful. All in all, the show had a good lesson. It would a better world if more people were like Amelie and cared more about others.
Mom - Amelie is based on the 2001 French film, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain). It is about a shy woman trying to make her life better by helping others to make their lives better. Phillipa Soo is charming in the title role. She makes a plucky and adorable heroine. The love story between her and Adam Chanler-Berat is sweet although they spend the majority of the play not really connecting directly. All of the other actors play a variety of roles. The cast does a good job with their various roles, however, at times, it is hard to keep straight who they are playing at any given moment and what their relation to the story is. The story itself was a little hard to follow especially if you are not familiar with the movie.  The songs are nice to listen to but not especially memorable.  Although there is nothing particularly objectionable about this show, it is not really for young children who would probably find it hard to follow the story and be bored. For older children, the main character of the story makes a good role model because of her positive attitude and the way she shows us that we are all connected to each other and should strive to help each other when we can. This is an important lesson for us all especially in these divisive times.
For more information about Amelie or to purchase tickets visit ameliebroadway.com
We were given free tickets to Miss Saigon for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Miss Saigon

Where: Broadway Theatre
             1681 Broadway
              New York, NY

Who: Ages 13 and up
Mom - Miss Saigon is about an American GI in Vietnam and the young Vietnamese girl he meets, falls in love with, and is forced to leave behind. Although this production has a lot of bells and whistles including its huge set and props which include a helicopter that lands on stage, at its heart it is a bittersweet and tender love story. Eva Noblezada and Alistair Brammer as Kim and Chris respectively are moving in their roles and make a sweet young couple. Miss Noblezada was literally discovered during a performance at the Jimmy Awards, the National High School music awards, and chosen to star in the original West End production of the version of Miss Saigon which is currently on Broadway. Her alternate, Lianah Sta. Ana, has  an equally interesting story as she was literally staring in a community theater production of the show just a few months ago. Having seen that production of the show, we can honestly say no matter which of the two plays Kim on the night you attend the show, you will get a really wonderful performance. The rest of the cast are good in their roles too, but it is clearly Miss Noblezada (or Miss Sta. Ana's show). Over all, the show is very enjoyable. The story is engaging. The music is pleasant although some songs are more memorable than others. The songs include a couple of really sweet love ballads and some fun upbeat numbers among other things. At times the music gets a bit repetitive as happens with shows that are mostly music. The show is mostly the same as the original 1991 show with a few minor changes. It is definitely not a show for young children due to subject matter as well as some parts of the show which may be too intense or scary. Adults and older children would enjoy this show. It is show that should equally appeal to those who like love stories and those who like stories with a lot of action.
For more information  about Miss Saigon or to purchase tickets visit saigonbroadway.com

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

Photo credits: Something photo 1 by Nicola Scarmagnani
                       Something photo 2 by Giovanni Chiodini
                       Something photo 3 by Alessio Amato
                       All Amelie photos by Joan Marcus

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